The Best Sex Mods For The Sims 4


This thủ thuật brings smoking cigars and cigarettes to lớn the otherwise innocent world of The Sims 4. If your sim smokes, they will gain an addiction buff. It will be very hard for them lớn quit, và easy for them khổng lồ regain the habit!

What’s Great About Smoking Mod:

Smoke cigars & cigarettesBecome addictedAddiction buffQuit (with difficulty!)realistic

Smoking gian lận Details:


14. Sugar Life


This hack adds a sugar baby và sugar daddy/mommy dynamic lớn the game! These come in the size of traits, each available for ages Young Adult khổng lồ Elder. This will earn the baby lots of simoleons!

Sims with the sugar baby trait can ask sims lớn become their very own sugar daddy/mommy. For that, they need khổng lồ have a lãng mạn relationship. They can have multiple sugar partners, but they may get very jealous of one another.

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What’s Great About Sugar Life:

A different type of lãng mạn relationshipEarn money/spend moneyHave multiple sugar partnersThree new traits

Sugar Life Details:

13. Extreme Violence


This violent mod will allow you to lớn run a sim over with a car, blow them up with a helicopter, and even kết thúc their lives with iconic wrestling moves! You can even start a murder holiday and watch the whole town kill each other for a day.

You can earn money by holding a sim at gunpoint, but beware! Onlookers may hotline the police và your sim may get arrested.

What’s Great About Extreme Violence:

Earn moneyGory!Great for people who lượt thích violence and horrorAdds some blood & realism khổng lồ the game

Extreme Violence Details:


12. Drug Mod


The Sims 4 Drug gian lận allows your sim to lớn experience a plethora of drug-related escapades, become a dealer, encounter a hangover, và try a bunch of different narcotics.

This thủ thuật features custom drugs & animations such as altered walking styles, moods, needs, peaks, hangovers, addiction, rehabilitation, comedowns, & more! This realistic mod features the pits & downfalls that come with use.

What’s Great About Drug Mod:

RealisticBecome a dealer or make an NPC a dealerPits and downfallsAddiction/rehabilitationLots of new animations

Drug gian lận Details: 

11. SimDa Dating App


We all know that dating can be difficult, và this gian lận brings that khổng lồ The Sims 4. The SimDa Dating ứng dụng mod adds an app to your sim’s phone, allowing them to lớn go on dates, blind dates, and hook up with others easily!

They can now have a one-night stand, get pregnant, và receive hook up calls. We all want a bit of romance, và now your sims can have that too!

What’s Great About SimDa Dating App:

Dates, blind dates, và hookupsHave a one-night standHook up callsMeet other sims/NPCsWoohoo with no previous romanceAdds an app to your sim’s phone

SimDa Dating phầm mềm Details:


10. Life’s Drama


The Sims 4 Life’s Drama thủ thuật brings some excellent drama into your game, adding in a new social popularity system, as well as multiple new events.

You can now get plastic surgery, participate in dirty secrets, publicly scrap sims, and even write in the burn book.

What’s Great About Life’s Drama:

Lots of dramaPlastic surgerySecretsScrap simsBurn book!The feathers NPC squad

Life’s Drama Details:

9. Life’s Tragedies


The Life’s Tragedies hack brings fear and torment khổng lồ the otherwise sunny world of The Sims 4. It allows sims to lớn be murdered, kidnapped, drugged, and more.

This thủ thuật is definitely not for children but brings some violent themes that aren’t otherwise included in the game.

What’s Great About Life’s Tragedies:

ViolenceKidnappingsRandom violent eventsAdult themes

Life’s Tragedies Details: 

8. Nisa’s Wicked Perversions


Wicked Perversions is an extremely detailed mod, split into 4 categories: Wicked Prostitution, Wicked Mermaids, Wicked Succubi, and Wicked WTF. 

This mod brings sex demons, many new aspirations, prostitution, and lots of traits. This mod is not for the faint-hearted and will bring out your sim’s sexual side.

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What’s Great About Nisa’s Wicked Perversions:

Lots of new traitsLots of new aspirationsNew occult speciesMuch more R-rated than ‘woohoo’

Nisa’s Wicked Perversions Details:’s-wicked-perversions/#comment-2094394 


7. Slice of Life


This realistic gian lận is a great all-round experience, bringing memories, personality và appearance changes, alcohol, self-woohoo, parties, & menstrual cycles!

Slice of Life makes every aspect of your sims’ lives more interesting & realistic, and I love that they can get drunk!

What’s Great About Slice of Life:

Lots of new traitsLots of new aspirationsNew beauty and appearancesMemoriesAlcohol/getting drunkSelf-woohooMore social eventsMenstrual cyclesVery realistic & expansive

Slice of Life Details:


6. Basemental Gangs


This thủ thuật (which requires Basemental Drugs and the Get lớn Work expansion pack) adds gangs to lớn The Sims 4! This features rivalries between gangs, micromanaging gang members, drug runners, gang headquarters, and much more.

What’s Great About Basemental Gangs:

Lead a gangMake moneyHave a gang headquarterForm rivalries between gangsDrug runners

Basemental Gangs Details:


5. Risky Wohoo & Try For Baby Chances


This less-than-naïve gian lận brings pregnancy buffs for teens, possible infertility, and pregnancy difficulties, increase, và decrease in chances based on location, và certain traits can alter risky woohoo chances.

This adds a cảm ứng of realism khổng lồ the game and makes every sim unique! Fertility differs in each sim, and there isn’t always a guarantee that the pregnancy will be successful. Overall, this is a well-thought-out mod.

What’s Great About Risky Woohoo & Try For Baby Chances:

Pregnancy buffs for teensInfertility/differing fertilityChange in pregnancy chances based on location, ages, and traitsMakes every sim uniquerealistic

Risky Woohoo và Try For Baby Chances Details:


4. Ghosts Can Have Babies!


This freaky thủ thuật allows ghosts khổng lồ become pregnant & woohoo! A human male can impregnate a ghost female, two ghosts can become pregnant, & a ghost male can impregnate a human female.

Unfortunately, the babies aren’t ghosts as The Sims 4 hasn’t yet made it possible for babies to die, but this mod is still fun & exciting.

What’s Great About Ghosts Can Have Babies!:

Have sims woohoo with ghostsHave ghosts become pregnant, or impregnate sims/ghostsFun và different from many other mods

Ghosts Can Have Babies! Details:


3. No Mosaic/Censor


If you hate censorship, this is for you. This hack removes the mosaic/censor grid that appears over your Sim when they shower, use the toilet, breastfeed, streak, and woohoo.

This mod doesn’t affect any sim behaviors but does địa chỉ cửa hàng a cảm biến of NSFW content to The Sims 4.

What’s Great About No Mosaic/Censor:

Removes censorRealisticNo bugs!

 No Mosaic/Censor Details:

2. Wicked Whims


Wicked Whims is one of the most popular adult mods out there, và rightly so. It introduces all sorts of new game play options, such as sex, nudity, STDs, voyeurism, strip clubs, birth control, menstrual cycles, gender preferences, and more.

What’s Great About Wicked Whims:

Lots of new gameplay optionsRealisticSex/nudity/STDsGender preferencesStrip clubs

Wicked Whims Details:

1. Mental Health


This hack adds a complex mental health system into the game to give your sims a full emotional life. Sims can now suffer from clinical & general depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, và more.

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These chronic disorders can be cured by visiting a psychiatrist và getting meds or therapy sessions. This thủ thuật brings an entirely new meaning to The Sims 4, with real-life struggles and illnesses.

What’s Great About Mental Health Mod:

Lots of new gameplay optionsRealisticComplex, real-life mental health issuesPsychiatrists/medications/therapyMakes sims more emotionally interesting

Mental Health gian lận Details: