Tải game the last of us pc

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The Last of Us PC Game

The Last of Us PC Game is an action-adventure & survival horror game. This game has both single-player & multiplayer gameplay modes. For its multiplayer game mode, there are eight different game characters that are available in the game. It is the first major game of the franchise. According khổng lồ business calculation, the game is proved as a very useful game for the franchise. And it earns billions of dollars.quý khách đang xem: The last of us pc tải về free

The game world of the game is phối in a fictional open world of the United State. Where the humans are infected by a Cordyceps. The main protagonist of the game is a young man. His name is Joel và he is a smuggler. He was given a mission lớn take a young girl from the US.

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chơi Game Of The Last of Us Complete Edition

game Play Of The Last of Us Complete Edition is a type of survival horror và fighting gameplay. And you will play the game from the point of view of a third person. In this game, players assume the role of the smuggler Jole. To get progress in the game players lớn walk through the different places of the open-world such as buildings & forests. And the player can use weapons such as firearms & guns to protect themselves from infected humans. The player can also use rifles & shotguns to lớn attaông chồng the enemy from a distance.

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Development Of The Last of Us Highly Compressed

Development Of The Last of Us Highly Compressed starts in 2009. And it takes a long period of four years for its development. The developer of the game is Noughty Dog LLC game development company. And the publisher of the game is Sony PC Entertainment Inc.Furthermore the director of the game is Bruce Starley and Neil Druckman. Neil is also the writer of this game. Jacob Minkoff is the designer of this game. Travis Macintosh and Jason Georgy are the programmers.

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The composer of the game is Gustavo Snatallalo. It is available for two platforms PlayStation 3 và PlayStation 4.Moreover after the release of the game this game selles out 1.3 million game units in a week. And after twenty-one days it crosses over 3.5 million units. This game also gets favorable scores from critics. From Metacritic, this game gets 95 scores out of 100. It also gets 10/10 scores from Gameinformer IGN and Videogame thủ.


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Central Processing Unit: Intel bộ vi xử lý Core Dual I3 và I5 with info speedWindows Vista, XP., và Windows 7 Operating SYstems2 Gb RAM memory và 14 Gb Hard Disk Space Require512 Mb Graphics Card and Navidomain authority seventh series Video Card.Chulặng mục: Game Tiếng Việt