Fairy Tail

FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! is a role-playing game genre adapted from the famous manga Fairy Tail. Please download this game & khung the strongest mage guild.

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Table of contentsIntroduce about FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!

Introduce about FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!

Fairy Tail is a popular manga series in nhật bản which known by many people around the world. So far, the main story has also come khổng lồ an over. However, the author Hiro Mashima continued lớn release the extra story with the main nội dung revolving around Natsu & his teammates to carry out their mission.



When participating in the game, you will be immersed in one of the 9 character classes of the game & accompany your friends in the guild. Your goal is to lớn create the strongest guild in Magnolia. You will have the opportunity to accompany familiar characters such as Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Wendy, … và explore with them according to lớn the familiar original storyline.


FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! is built with turn-based gameplay, if you are a tín đồ of RPG games, then surely no stranger khổng lồ this gameplay. Each turn, you will be able khổng lồ choose your team’s move sầu, you can use basic attacks, skill attacks, over turn, heal … However, you will be moved in a 3D open world instead of only interacts with NPCs.

Meet familiar characters in the Fairy Tail manga

FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! has 9 character classes for you to choose from, which are Requip, Force, Velođô thị, Soundwave, Sleet, Guardian, Alphabet, Elixir, and Cure. Each character class will possess a different type of skill with a different development branch. Players can create their own development direction based on the distribution of the system level and strive sầu lớn become a rank SS mage.


Participate in turn-based battles

With an exclusive system, the game allows you khổng lồ accompany four other teammates. You will be able khổng lồ meet the characters from the popular manga Fairy Tail và build yourself a mighty guild. The mission will become increasingly difficult, so you and your teammates must become stronger, choose, and train your favorite mages lớn size the strongest team to lớn overcome all challenges.

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Form a guild of the strongest wizards

The game allows you to size a clan & invite other players to build a powerful clan. Build yourself a buổi tiệc ngọt of powerful people to receive S-level quests, fight against the guilds of the dark forces. In addition, you can also invite friends, buổi tiệc nhỏ members to explore the clans together & receive many attractive sầu gifts.

Not only that, but the game also has an nhà cửa trading system. You can chat with words or you can turn on the mic in the game khổng lồ chat with other players. Usually, other games will only allow you to lớn purchase items in the store or buy them at events. However, FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! allows you lớn trade & exchange items with other players. From there, you can improve sầu your strength through the không lấy phí market system. Besides becoming a magic mage, you can also be a great businessman.


FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! Designed with extremely beautiful 3D graphics, especially the scene và characters are sketched in a very đáng yêu Chibi style. However, the game still retains the elegance of character skills. In particular, some characters, when developing special skills, will display a very beautiful special animation. What’s more, the characters are also fully voiced lượt thích in the anime version of this manga.


Download FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! APK for Android

FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! Indeed a very great anime game with many attractive sầu features, along with beautiful graphics that are sure lớn win the top of the rankings on Google Play. For a more wonderful experience, vày not forget khổng lồ visit the game’s homepage khổng lồ attend the events to lớn receive sầu many attractive gifts.

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