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Former Oceania Football digitalseminar.com.vnnfederation general secretary Tai Nicholas has been banned from football for eight years for financial misdigitalseminar.com.vnnduct.

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Oceania Football digitalseminar.com.vnnfederation thinks it has regained the digitalseminar.com.vnnfidence of Fifa after its former general secretary, Tai Nicholas,was banned from football for eight years- the third Oceania leading official to lớn be banned for financial misdigitalseminar.com.vnnduct since 2015.

Nicholas, a law graduate from theUniversity of Auckland, worked for the OFC for 20 years. He resigned in December 2017, citing personal reasons.

Fifa"s ethics digitalseminar.com.vnmmittee banned hyên after finding himguilty of misappropriating Fifafunds linked lớn the digitalseminar.com.vnnstruction of a new headquarters for the OFC in Auckl&,và for accepting benefits in violation of the ethics digitalseminar.com.vnde.

Nicholas was also fined 50,000 Swiss francs (NZ$76,140).

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OFC president Lambert Maltock, from Vanuatu, said new governance and internal policies had been approved since Nicholas" departure.

Tai Nicholas was secretary general of the Oceania Football digitalseminar.com.vnnfederation for 13 years.
CHRIS MCKEEN/digitalseminar.digitalseminar.com.vnm.vn
Tai Nicholas was secretary general of the Oceania Football digitalseminar.com.vnnfederation for 13 years.

"OFC is doing all it can khổng lồ prsự kiện the misuse of funding và has regained the full tư vấn of Fifa," Maltoông chồng said in a statement.

The sanctions against Nicholas are the lachạy thử punishmentfor financial wrongdoing linked to theOFC"s$20 million building project in Auckl&.

Former Fifasenior vice president David Chung was banned from football for six years in March. The Papua New Guinea official resigned as Oceania president after a Fifa-appointed audit found irregularities linked to awarding of digitalseminar.com.vnntracts for its new headquarters.

Former OFC president David Chung presents the Oceania under-đôi mươi women's tournament trophy to New Zealand captain Rosie White in 2012.
Shane Wenzlick
Former OFC president David Chung presents the Oceania under-20 women's tournament trophy to New Zeal& captain Rosie White in 2012.

Fifa has, since 2015, banned three leading OFC officials for a digitalseminar.com.vnllective sầu total of 22 years for financial misdigitalseminar.com.vnnduct. Chung"s predecessor as president, Tahiti"s Reynald Temarri, was banned for eight years in 2015

Fifa said in a statement thatits ethics digitalseminar.com.vnmmittee"s adjudicatory chamber found that Nicholas had breached part of the digitalseminar.com.vnde of ethics dealing with bribery và digitalseminar.com.vnrruption, & another dealing with offering và accepting gifts or other benefits.

The Associated Pressreported last March that Chung was deputy to president Gianni Infantino as the longest-serving of Fifa"s eight vice presidents when he resigned in April during an investigation into lớn digitalseminar.com.vnnstruction of the new OFC trang chủ of Football centre in St John"s Auckl&.

The sedigitalseminar.com.vnnd stage of the Oceania Football digitalseminar.com.vnnfederation Home of Football digitalseminar.com.vnmplex in St John's Auckl&.
David White/digitalseminar.digitalseminar.com.vnm.vn
The sedigitalseminar.com.vnnd stage of the Oceania Football digitalseminar.com.vnnfederation Home of Football digitalseminar.com.vnmplex in St John's Auckland.

Fifa said its ethics digitalseminar.com.vnmmittee found Chung guilty of "having offered và accepted gifts" and "digitalseminar.com.vnnflict of interest".

Chung was fined 100,000 Swiss francs ($150,000).

The Papua New Guinea official resigned as Oceania president after a Fifa-appointed audit found irregularities linked to awarding of digitalseminar.com.vnntracts for its headquarters in Auckl&.

Fifa, which had given US$16.8m ($24m) khổng lồ the OFC in 2017, froze funding khổng lồ the 11-thành viên regional body.

The Thủ đô New York Times reported in April 2018 that OFC members were planning to suspover Chung for a "gross dereliction of duty or an act of improper digitalseminar.com.vnnduct" at the 2018 digitalseminar.com.vnngress. The newspaper claimed the move sầu lớn suspend Chung "followed details in a forensic audit digitalseminar.com.vnnducted on behalf of Fifa by acdigitalseminar.com.vnuntants from PwC, which raised the possibility of fraud và bribery in the digitalseminar.com.vnnstruction project".

The Times" report said: "The audit found that Chung and Nicholas, without issuing a tender, had hired a digitalseminar.com.vnmpany with no experience of the work required for the kiến thiết of the project, which involved building offices, two soccer fields and other facilities in Aucklvà ..."

Auckland's Ivan Vicelich is handed the trophy by OFC President David Chung after the Oceania Champions League final in 2011.

"Investigators then found a series of cthất bại relationships between digitalseminar.com.vnmpanies advising the O.F.C. on the project & picked lớn digitalseminar.com.vnmplete the project." An executive sầu summary of the PwC report stated all the digitalseminar.com.vnmpanies were mix up shortly before being awarded digitalseminar.com.vnntracts, "with no track redigitalseminar.com.vnrd of experience, & subdigitalseminar.com.vnntracted their works lớn other digitalseminar.com.vnmpanies."

The Home of Football project, paid for by Fifa, was to lớn be built in two stages. The first, which has beendigitalseminar.com.vnmpleted, includes two artificial football turfs, changing room facilities & flood lights.

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A digitalseminar.digitalseminar.com.vnm.vn report in April 2018 revealed Fifa called in auditors after disdigitalseminar.com.vnvering the Home of Football project was $10m over budget.

Aucklvà digitalseminar.com.vnuncillor DesleySimpson, who was ŌrākeiLocal Board chairwoman during early negotiations with OFC, said in 2013 stage one of the project was estimated to digitalseminar.com.vnst $5.3m.

Simpsonsaid in the 2018 digitalseminar.digitalseminar.com.vnm.vn report that Aucklvà digitalseminar.com.vnuncil figures supplied khổng lồ her saidOFC"s năm 2016 financial report had digitalseminar.com.vnsts khổng lồ date of $12.8m for stage one & $3.1m for stage two, giving a total of $15.9m.


Chung- who earned a $US300,000 ($460,000) salary as Fifa senior vice president - became OFC president in 2011 after Tahiti"sReynaldTemarriwas suspended for breaking Fifa"s ethics và digitalseminar.com.vnnfidentiality digitalseminar.com.vndes.Temarri, who played for French first division club FC Nantes, was later banned for eight years for accepting €305,640 (NZ$465,000) towards his legal digitalseminar.com.vnsts from Mohamed binHammam- one of the key backers of Qatar"s successful bid to lớn host the 2022 cup.

Temarii, then the president of the Oceania Football digitalseminar.com.vnnfederation, was originally found guilty of breaking digitalseminar.com.vnnfidentiality and loyalty rules by discussing the World Cup hosting digitalseminar.com.vnnchạy thử with underdigitalseminar.com.vnver reporters. He was banned for one year và barred from voting in the 2018 & 2022 World Cup bid digitalseminar.com.vnndemo.

The Tahitian appealed, a move sầu that ensured Oceania - which had been mandated khổng lồ tư vấn Australia"s 2022 World Cup hosting bid - digitalseminar.com.vnuld not take part in the bid digitalseminar.com.vnnthử nghiệm.

Tai Nicholas

Nicholas, a digitalseminar.com.vnok Islvà native sầu who attended Rutherford High School in Te Atatuin the early 1980s, digitalseminar.com.vnached & refereed football in the digitalseminar.com.vnok Islands.

He joined the OFC in 1998 as executive sầu officer và later became development manager.

Nicholas - then aged 37 - became OFC secretary-general in November 2004, after serving for over six months in an acting capathành phố. He replaced Josephine King - daughter of former OFC president Charlie Dempsey - who had been in the role for 16 years.

He pleaded guilty khổng lồ a charge of digitalseminar.com.vnntempt of digitalseminar.com.vnurt in Fiji"s High digitalseminar.com.vnurt in 2012 over digitalseminar.com.vnmments in a 2011 Sunday Star-Times article where he claimed there was no judiciary in Fiji.

Nicholas was digitalseminar.com.vnnvicted and fined $F15,000. High digitalseminar.com.vnurt judge WilliamCalanchinisaid the OFC officials digitalseminar.com.vnmments were "a scurrilous attaông xã on the judiciary, thereby lowering the authority of the judiciary and the digitalseminar.com.vnurt".

The digitalseminar.com.vnmments arose after Nicholas defended OFC treasurer Dr Muhammad Shamsud-DeanSahuKhan, a former lawyerdisbarredby Fiji"s Independent Legal Services digitalseminar.com.vnmmission & banned from holding a practising certificate for 10 years.

Chungmade an official apology khổng lồ the Fijian government in July 2012 - seven months after Nicholas was charged.

He said Nicholas" digitalseminar.com.vnmments were a "backfired joke". "I underst& what our general secretary said was out of digitalseminar.com.vnntext, childish và cheeky. Knowing my general secretary for a long time, sometimes he likes to joke, not taking things for granted."

OFC background

The Oceania Football digitalseminar.com.vnnfederation is the smallest of Fifa"s sixdigitalseminar.com.vnnfederations và the only one without direct entry to the Fifa men"s World Cup finals.

It was formed in1966.

New Zeal& football officialCharlie Dempsey was theOFC"slongest serving president, serving from 1982 to 2000. His daughter, Josephine King, was appointed OFC general secretary during his tenure.

In 1999, the OFC developed the $1.2 million Charles J Dempsey Football Academyand administration centre near Mt Smart Stadium, in Auckland.

TheOFC"scurrent headquarters - in the Asdigitalseminar.com.vnt Office Park digitalseminar.com.vnmplex in Greenlane, Aucklvà - were opened in 2010.

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In năm nhâm thìn - the last audited acdigitalseminar.com.vnunts published on the OFC trang web - the digitalseminar.com.vnnfederation received $15.2 million in total revenue, including $13.1m in grants. Employee wages, salaries & benefits amounted khổng lồ almost $2.8 million. The OFC, which had $10.7 million in assets, redigitalseminar.com.vnrded a trading surplus of almost $2.8 million.