After years of build-up and anticipation, One Piece is nearing its end. But is Oda rushing through the story, or are fans just sad to lớn see it go?


One Piece is one of the longest-running manga series. It began serializing in 1997 in the Weekly Shonen Jump & since then, it has remained a regular in the magazine. In most cases, the longer a series goes on, the lower its popularity drops. However, that isn't the case for Eiichiro Oda's series.

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Over time, the popularity of One Piece has only continued to increase, which is evident from the sales it has produced. One Piece has not just beaten its fellow manga series, but it has surpassed many western comics, including the likes of Superman, and Batman. Currently, the manga has sold over half a billion copies, which is staggering considering it has been written by a single author. Before the series concludes, One Piece will have comfortably outsold all other literary works.

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Heading Toward The End


like all the good things, One Piece too will come lớn an end. According lớn Oda's most recent interviews, he wants to wrap up the story within the next three years. Considering the One Piece creator has already started working on the final saga, it is possible that he might finish it within the given time frame. Currently, the Straw Hats are on Egghead Island, where they are learning about the history of the world with Dr. Vegapunk's help.

Vegapunk's appearance is very monumental as he was one of the few characters, who never made an appearance in the manga until the Egghead Island arc. The fans will have to understand that seeing Vegapunk in the story is a major sign that the story is heading toward its conclusion. Previously, Oda stated that the secret of the devil fruits would be revealed when a certain scientist makes his appearance in the story. This was Oda's way of telling the fans to wait until Vegapunk's appearance. Now that the scientist has appeared, Oda will disclose the truth about devil fruits. But, that is not all. In the recent chapters, Oda has been focusing on other mysteries, such as the tragedy of Ohara, và the ancient kingdom. Both of these things are pivotal lớn the premise of the series, so this is yet another indication of Oda's intent lớn bring down the curtain on the grand story.


In the latest SBS, Oda talked about various things, but the highlight was the backstory of Eustass Kid, who played a crucial role in the Wano Country arc. So, it was surprising to lớn see that his backstory was revealed in an SBS instead of disclosing it in the manga itself. While a section of fans is extremely pleased that they know more about the pirate from the Worst Generation, another sect is completely unhappy.

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Due lớn Kid's role in Wano, và a few other instances where he appeared to be standing shoulder khổng lồ shoulder with Law & Luffy, some fans naturally assumed that he would receive the same treatment as the other two. However, Kid's case is different, as he has not been as integral lớn the story as Law or Luffy. Trafalgar Law has been involved in the story heavily since the Punk Hazard arc, while Kid only made a handful of appearances in the story before the Straw Hats entered Wano. So, it would have been strange to địa chỉ more chapters lớn the Wano Country arc to divulge his story.


It is certainly a bit odd to see Kid's backstory being revealed in an SBS, but it also acts as an indicator that Oda is expeditiously working lớn finish the story. In his older interviews, it has been established that he added many new elements lớn the story, which caused it to continue for longer than he desired. Fans who are familiar with the work of other mangaka are aware of how much work they have lớn put in every week. In many cases, mangaka have taken an indefinite hiatus from writing due to lớn the stress. So, it has been a herculean effort on Oda's part to lớn keep going even after several decades.

Even if Oda isn't elaborating on every little detail about every side character in the manga anymore, it doesn't mean that it will affect the overall chất lượng of the series. Readers who are caught up with the manga firmly believe that Egghead Island arc is easily one of the best in the series, và the surprising thing is that it hasn't even finished. Considering the fact that One Piece has entered the final saga, fans can expect the unique to spike even further. Eiichiro Oda is definitely trying his best to end on a high note, so there are absolutely no reasons to fret.

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Fans should be glad that One Piece is ending, as it will allow Oda to lớn take a very important break from his work and look after his health. He has been carrying the shonen industry on his back for decades, & it's about time he got some rest. Whether One Piece finishes in the next three years remains unknown, but súc tích would dictate that it might take a year or two more as there are breaks in between chapters. While it will be tough to lớn bid adieu lớn One Piece, fans of the series should be happy and enjoy the journey till the very end.