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We are a Christ-centered, inclusive family serving our community through deep connections with God & each other.

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We appreciate your regular giving, và especially need your faithfulness during this time. As some in our church are financially impacted by this virus, we thank those of you who are able to lớn cover those who are lacking. Our resources will be stretched as we respond lớn the many needs arising. Now is a great time to lớn create your online giving tài khoản through our secure giving platform.


I was a member from năm ngoái to 2019 before moving to Illinois. Church of Christ is a great place for those who want khổng lồ feel known and loved by a community. There are many opportunities to lớn get involved ranging from worship, technology, education and outreach ministries. The people of Church of Christ exemplify the two greatest commands of loving God và loving others. is one of the few churches in LA that cultivates a genuine community founded in love. Go visit, và talk khổng lồ the members. They are kind, loving, & Christ-centered. Definitely a trang chủ in LA.

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This church is wonderful! The people are helpful, friendly & very welcoming. Bryan’s sermons are extremely insightful, relevant and engaging. I am glad to hotline this place my home church.

We consider ourselves to be a trang chủ in LA và beyond. Make this home. For the most up khổng lồ date information about what we vì subscribe to our newsletter.

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We are so glad you’ve chosen to lớn worship with us.We are #aHomeInLA, a family of believers who believe relationships between family, friends, và God are paramount lớn a healthy life.+//3//Q-If you have questions about us, you can get in contact with us through this site, or by visiting us on social media.+//3//Q-If you’d like to join us virtually, all of our services are live-streamed via YouTube & Facebook.