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This article helps you resolve the problem that some prerequisites of Internet Explorer 9 can"t be installed automatically.

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When you install Internet Explorer 9, additional software & components are also installed as part of the process. They are Internet Explorer 9 prerequisites. Their details vary, depending on the operating system that your computer is running. If some of these prerequisites can"t be installed automatically, the Internet Explorer 9 installation process won"t finish. In that case, you must manually install the prerequisite software & components that are described later in this article.

Things khổng lồ consider before you go the manual install route

Make sure that no updates are being installed & that no restart is pending

Internet Explorer 9 might not automatically install prerequisite software và components if one of the following conditions is true:

The installation of other updates is in progress.The system is awaiting a restart.

To check whether these things are causing the problem, bởi vì one of the following steps:

In Windows 7, clichồng Start, click Control Panel, and then cliông xã Windows Update.In Windows Vista, click Security in Control Panel, và then cliông xã Windows Update.

If an update installation is in progress, let the installation finish before you try khổng lồ install Internet Explorer 9. If updates have been installed but the system hasn"t yet been restarted, restart your computer before you try lớn install Internet Explorer 9.

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Also note that if there"s a restart pending, you may receive sầu the following error message:

The updates were not applicable.

Make sure you"re not running a prerelease version of Windows

If you"re using a prerelease version of Windows, these updates won"t install. And you"ll receive the updates were not applicable error message. When you receive sầu this error message, make sure that your computer is running a released, genuine copy of Windows 7 or Windows Vista Service Pachồng 2 (SP2).

If you"re not sure which version of Windows is installed, follow these steps:

Click Start, type msinfo32 in the Start Search or Search programs and files box, & then press Enter.


Locate your operating system next khổng lồ OS Name and your system architecture type next khổng lồ System Type.


Manually install the Internet Explorer 9 prerequisites

If you"ve sầu ruled out the automatic installation issues we asked you to consider in the previous section, go ahead và manually install the prerequisite software and components. To vì chưng so, use one of the following methods, as appropriate for the operating system you"re running.

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For Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2

For Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008

Known issues

You may receive sầu an error message when you try lớn install Internet Explorer 9. Installation problems can have various causes. For more information about how to lớn resolve sầu these problems, see How to lớn troubleshoot Internet Explorer 9 installation problems.