Clash Of Clans Hacks

We are here to explain all you need to lớn know about hacks in Clash of Clans. You’ve sầu probably heard of Clash of Clans if you have found this article, but, if not, Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game where you size clans - obviously - whilst training troops and attacking other players.

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You"re managing resources, trying lớn earn more and working khổng lồ Cosplay a great base that can’t be easily destroyed. Using items lượt thích gold & elixir, you can build & nâng cấp defences, place traps, & make sure your troops are ready to lớn battle, which is what needs to be done lớn vị well.

As with many free-to-play titles, a premium currency lượt thích gems is needed to lớn tốc độ up the process or to lớn help you advance the game faster, but in Clash of Clans gems are hard to lớn come by. You probably are looking for hacks when it comes khổng lồ gaining more premium currency.

As you probably know, hacking in games can over with your tài khoản banned, ruining all of your fun. There isn’t any real Clash of Clans hacks, despite the number of strange videos you can find on the topic, so instead, we have sầu created a bunch of CoC tips & tricks that can be implemented, so that you can try and haông chồng the system, so khổng lồ speak!

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When it comes lớn progressing in the game, many of the buildings and different things that you can bởi in Clash of Clans is on a timer. You’ll need lớn wait for a timer to tiông xã down before a building is finished or a bunch of troops are created. As you play, these timers will become longer và longer, but you can spkết thúc gems on these to lớn tốc độ them up.

When you have sầu a small bundle of gems saved up, it might be tempting khổng lồ actually spend them on tốc độ boosts, but you really shouldn’t! Instead, save sầu your gems for something that you can keep, that will enhance your gameplay beyond giving you a bit of extra time.

When it comes to what you should spend your gems on, you should focus on builder huts at first. These will stiông xã around and make sense to purchase. From there, you can branch off và spkết thúc gems on a number of other permanent upgrades, but spending gems on resources is something you should avoid doing, as it’s more profitable to lớn spover your gems on your own production buildings, which will help more long-term.

You will want khổng lồ think hard about your decisions, weighing in what’s important gameplay wise and understand that your gems are hard to earn. If you need a bit more khổng lồ make a purchase, take a look at the achievements you are working towards, as many of them provide gem rewards for playing the game naturally.


When it comes to lớn the game itself, you have sầu the option lớn build your base leaning towards the way you want lớn play. You can decide to have a base more able to lớn collect resources or one more able khổng lồ fight other players & dominate. You will often be teetering in-between both of these options, but leaning one way or another will help you decide what to tăng cấp and focus on - & planning can help you further along in the game.

If you are looking to lớn build an aggressive leaning base, you will want to lớn build up your town hall first, then your elixir production - lớn start stockpiling resources from the beginning of the game. You can then get your barracks & camps up và upgraded, to lớn build up your army. Neither of these structures will be beneficial lớn raiders khổng lồ destroy, so they can be placed outside your town walls without any worry.

Next, you will want lớn add in some walls và cannons to secure the middle of your base. After you have some defences, you can get the laboratory khổng lồ upgrade your troops, the spell factory lớn add offensive sầu power and gold mines to help upgrade structures.

It’s worth noting that matchmaking is based on trophy count, so you might consider keeping your count intentionally low, so that you can be super powerful against lower-màn chơi players and bởi vì keep an eye on who you are fighting when you are a lower màn chơi so that you don’t kết thúc up destroying yourself!

When building a defensive base, you will want to nâng cấp your town hall, then your walls, then your defensive structures (the mortar, archer tower, và cannons, in that order). Your placement of these towers will also be key - your mortar and air defence should be cthua thảm to the middle and well protected as they are the most important. Once you have these defences up, you should focus on your resource production buildings và fully nâng cấp them.

Some players leave some of their elixir gatherers and mines outside of the wall so that the attacking player can destroy them without destroying everything in their base. It’s often a better practice lớn leave lower priority buildings outside your walls, so that you can protect the better buildings & keep them within fire range.


When it comes to lớn actually attacking other clans, you will want khổng lồ take a look at who you are attacking. There are quite a few things to lớn consider before going in. You’ll want khổng lồ look at their Town Hall cấp độ - if it’s much lower than yours, you will only be getting a small cut of the resources you earn. Taking a look at how many resources are available for you lớn take is important, as you don’t want khổng lồ waste your resources attacking smaller clans.

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You’ll want to, as a minimum, earn back the same resources you spent on your troops, so vày keep that number in mind. If you are just looking to lớn gain resources, it makes more sense to sover in a handful of goblins and thua thảm the battle instead of winning a huge battle and costing a bunch of resources in the process.

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Before you actually deploy your first troop, you will want khổng lồ look for a resource to target. If you are going for trophies, you will need khổng lồ invest a lot of troops khổng lồ get two or three stars on your attaông xã. You will also want to lớn focus on elixir reserves to lớn earn baông xã the resources spent on these troops. From there, you will want khổng lồ target the most powerful defences for those resources. Giants are good at drawing fire from towers initially, but then you will want wall breakers to lớn breach and more giants khổng lồ destroy the defences there.

Barbarians, archers and wizards can make light work of structures once areas of the base are cleared of cannon and mortar fire. Goblins are best used as a bee-line for resources. You will need lớn make sure that you aren’t putting in too many troops though, as you want khổng lồ win without using too many of your own resources.

You vị not have any direct control over your troops, so instead, you need to lớn have sầu knowledge of your unit’s favourite targets when you deploy them. Barbarians will go towards the nearest building, which means they can often go for heavily guarded towers và instead be destroyed. Sending in wall breakers and giants can then open new paths so that you can find a more strategic approach. Experienced players will find ways to lớn funnel troops into lớn traps, so do keep an eye out.


When you inevitably get attacked, it sucks. However, if 30 percent of your town is destroyed or your Town Hall itself is destroyed, you will get a 12-hour shield. If 90 percent of your base is completely obliterated, you will get an extra four hours on your shield. Any shield can be an advantage, as long as you plan it right. What you don’t want to lớn vày is start attacking right away, as that will cancel out your shield immediately.

You will want khổng lồ take this time lớn figure out how you can improve sầu your economy, build up your army, nâng cấp towers or stockpile & spover resources before you get attacked again. If you want to lớn get a shield quickly, it’s best to move sầu your Town Hall out of the walls, so that it can be easily destroyed. You will lose trophies và resources with this, but the amount of time you can get from the safety can be well worth it. If you have a long shield & still want to lớn battle, you can always take a wack at Clan Wars, as they don’t affect your shield at all.

Once you have a shield, make sure you keep an eye on the timer. When it expires, you will get some extra time where you are able to lớn attaông chồng other clans, but notoàn thân can attack you. This duration varies depending on what league you are in, but it’s worth planning out your attacks and using this buffer lớn your advantage.

You also can’t be attacked while you are online and playing in the tiện ích, so if you want to keep your Clash of Clans base completely protected, you can always keep the tiện ích running on your phone or tablet for as long as possible.

Once you have upgraded your Town Hall level lớn the max, played through most of the single-player levels và rebuilt your castle, you will be a seasoned pro. This is when you will want to lớn start doing coordinated attacks with a clan to lớn help bring in some big resource halls! Once you have sầu joined a clan, you can Điện thoại tư vấn them in for back-up on both attacks and defences, but you will be expected lớn contribute too - in the khung of your own troops. Don’t take out more favours then you can give back!

You can also use this space to lớn talk lớn your clan, get advice from those who have been playing longer than you & find out what they are doing next. Your clan may want lớn get deep inlớn league play or spover time just giving each other advice. Either way, it’s a great resource once you get high enough in the game.

As we have mentioned Clan Wars above sầu, let’s dive sầu into some strategies for Clan Wars. In Clan Wars, you can attaông xã other clans even if you have sầu a shield on. You will want khổng lồ attachồng unstarred villages first, as you và your clan will gain the most from them, then move to let the game’s matchmaker figure out who you should face off next.

If you kết thúc up successfully beating tougher clans, it is worth keeping your allies in mind, as they may have sầu trouble keeping up và dealing with the increase in challenge. If you go for battles that are easy, you can also end up taking away good opponents for lower-cấp độ allies, forcing them inlớn battles that they can’t win. You’ll want lớn know where you should stand in Clan Wars, & help your clan out the best you can.

When it comes to lớn Clan Wars, you vì have sầu an entire day to prepare for war before it kicks off. You can use the scout function to target your enemy’s base và understvà their current layout. From there, you are able to build your army up - with the goal of defeating it in mind. If the walls are low cấp độ, you can ayên towards the l&. If the air defences haven’t been upgraded, make sure you have balloons.

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You can take advantage of your Clan chat to make requests for the types of troops you want to send in. If you have sầu a good idea of your enemy’s strengths & weaknesses, you can use them lớn better your odds.

We hope that his article will help you become a better player than any Clash of Clans hack ever could!