Best Gta Rp Servers And How To Join Them


Grand Theft tự động Online has been providing millions of players with the opportunity lớn live out their deepest role-playing fantasies for the best part of a decade, with the earliest signs of RP being fused into its nexus of fan-made servers back in 2013. In its nine years on the market, this treasure trove of modded worlds has only quadrupled in size, with the platform now hosting thousands of joinable networks.

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It’s 2022, và you had best believe the RP scene is booming. In spite of the trò chơi being nearly ten years old, its servers are still bursting with newcomers, veterans, and iconic streamers, all of whom log on each day lớn act out a fresh fantasy. The question, of course, is which RP servers are the most popular in this day and age? More importantly, which are worth putting your name down for as we see in the new year?

5. Eclipse RP

ECLIPSE Roleplay Traileris
ECLIPSE Roleplay Traileris" width="853" height="460" />Watch this clip on YouTube

Eclipse RP is one of the go-to servers for role-playing regulars, mainly due to lớn its impressive 200 player capacity, which is considerably more than the vast majority of its RP alternatives. Within the realm of Eclipse, players can enrol in a citywide takeover, a scenario in which gangs fight for dominance over a crime-riddled monopoly.

In a đô thị fueled by rebellion, you will need to lớn seek refuge if you are khổng lồ survive the underworld & its population of criminals and corrupt entrepreneurs. Whether it’s with The Irish Mob or The Clowns, you will have lớn make a name for yourself and become a small part of Los Santos’ elite gangsters. The question is, can you withstand 199 other power-hungry people?

4. NoPixel

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NoPixel is a no-nonsense RP server that houses some of the biggest names in Twitch streaming. It’s also incredibly tough to lớn get a place in, as its servers only hold up lớn 32 players, meaning anyone wanting lớn join will have to join a hefty waiting list. And if you fail to lớn abide by a certain mix of rules, it could even mean being banned, period.

Think of NoPixel as an exclusive hideaway for GTA elites, a place where roleplay is practiced in the most inventive ways imaginable. As one of its lucky attendees, you will have the chance lớn engage in countless scenarios, all of which can leave you wanting more, or even put you on track lớn forming your very own criminal empire. That is, providing you can bag a space in its server.

3. Mafia City

Mafia đô thị Roleplay: Beginners Guide
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Although it’s easy to lớn feel somewhat threatened by servers lượt thích Eclipse & NoPixel, there are alternatives one can take khổng lồ feel included in the roleplay verse. Just take Mafia City, for example. In this smaller server, players can serve as one of many characters, all of whom chia sẻ equal roles in the overall narrative. Whether it’s a firefighter or a criminal overlord — everyone has their part, và it’s your job khổng lồ find your place amongst the masses.

The good thing about Mafia city is that, unlike a lot of other modded servers, there is a good community behind it. And not khổng lồ mention that it’s also bolstered by a forum built by friendly & like-minded players. It’s roleplay 101, & it’s definitely a solid first port of hotline for those looking to demo the waters before suiting up to lớn swim with the sharks.

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2. Twitch RP


Twitch RP, as the name suggests, is a role-playing máy chủ dedicated to Twitch streamers all over the world. As such, players can feed their audiences by embarking on virtual quests all over Los Santos, a place in which crime isn’t the only thing that keeps the đô thị afloat. Much like other RP servers, players can be anyone they want to be, no matter the importance of the role or how it connects khổng lồ the scenario at hand.

Of course, joining the Twitch RP forum and introducing yourself is the best way to lớn get a foothold in the community. Plus, knowing the ins and outs of the server and how it operates will help you put your best food forward once the clapperboard snaps. It’s worth doing, Twitch veteran or not, và it’s sure-fire way khổng lồ bag some publicity for your network.

1. New Day RP

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For those looking to lớn immerse in something a little edgier than the bog-standard roleplay scenario, then New Day RP is a sure-fire way to lớn get the itch scratched. The only downside here, of course, is the intensity that comes with the server and its community. New Day RP can be pretty full-on, và it takes some of the strongest roleplayers lớn act out its events & bring them to lớn life.

New Day RP is still roleplay, just with an added layer of intensity slapped on top. And so, if you’re wanting to lớn delve into the deepest depths of the role-playing community headfirst, then you needn’t look any further than here. Just bear in mind that you should probably learn the ways of the server by joining its forums before applying.

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So, what’s your take? Have you enrolled in any of the above five servers lately? Are there any RP servers we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.