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Gta 5 merryweather heist franklin zoom===================================================== =====================================================Merryweather Heist GTA 5: Walkthrough and Gold Medal Objectives They have good rifles & know exactly where you are. I probably didn't make as much because I didn't wait for some stocks khổng lồ rise lớn their peak. When Michael gets khổng lồ a safe distance, he'll detonate the bombs và sink the freighter When Michael gets to lớn a safe distance, he detonates the bombs and sinks the freighter. This doesn't affect your take, so he's a better option that Eddie Toh who takes 6% more. At the airfield, Michael picks up the submersible using the Cargobob before flying to the rest site at Paleto Cove. Ive choosen to let Franklin bởi the bikethief in order lớn get those AnimalArk. You can switch on the thermal sight of the sniper Rifle, which will make the task easier by highlighting the Merryweather soldiers. Grand Theft tự động hóa 5 On the Bureau Raid I chose the roof way & had Norm as a gunman and Rickie needs experience form the jewel store job Rickie as hacker and Taliana Martinez 4% as driver so she arrives in an ambulance On the Big Score I chose the obvious way 200,600,000 Taliana as helicopter driver, Karim as train driver, Norm as first gunman, and Daryl Johns as seconds gunman. So at this point in time, I'm not 100% sure on what unlocks him. When you safely land at the airfield, Lester will also arrive and the same screen as we described above plays out again, at the end of which Trevor is left alone at the airfield. The peaks & valleys of stocks usually occur between five và ten minutes of real-world time to transition over after the mission is complete. Started with Franlin at 3 miljon to vì my trick. Idk if it will work for everybody or if its just me. Summary: This is the big one right here. Grand Theft tự động 5: The Merryweather Heist Kill them immediately and precisely. If you successfully complete these jobs, you can earn millions of dollars. Still in the first edition there is one briefcase left. The Moderation Team can remove any post or bình luận at our own discretion if deemed detrimental khổng lồ the sub. Merryweather guards won't take kindly lớn your presence. Guards come after him so be ready. Doing so is some of the best money in the game, and xúc tích và ngắn gọn dictates that the more cash you have on hand to invest before rigging the market, the higher the dividends you will reap. HEIST: The Merryweather Heist Rule violators can be banned without warning. Trevor agrees lớn have Floyd help Lester return it & tells Michael he still owes him. Nội dung must be related to lớn Grand Theft tự động hóa V và Grand Theft auto Online. Ron calls và says Merryweather is definitely guarding serious military hardware below deck on the freighter. But there is a certain moment in the mission that Michael enters inside the cargo ship & you can't Switch, so you can't shoot them without zooming. GTA 5 Heists Guide (Story Mode): Max Out Your Proceeds Browse other questions tagged or. Move towards the source & dive down khổng lồ the device which has a small red light on it.

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Step 3- vị a quicksave on the cellfone. The rugged Cargobob will limp back to lớn the airfield with some puttering but shouldn't stall out. If you choose Option A instead, take Eddie Toh as your driver. It's possible you're doing nothing wrong. Merryweather heist? Minisub Go into the port và find the ship where the minisub is. When most of them are dead a Buzzard helicopter flies in & puts its guns khổng lồ work on Franklin. Taliana is the best driver as she does just as good of a job as Eddie Toh, và takes 9% less of a cut. Hover the Cargobob over the Submersible to attach it again. Save & load is one option, or just go there after every mission. The roosevelt is the best so far, it already comes stock 100% armour, you can mod it lớn 200%. Grand Theft tự động hóa 5 Move the two containers at one kết thúc over khổng lồ the trucks at the other. Cover Michael so he can escape the ship At this point, you will switch khổng lồ control Franklin if you weren't already. Michael and Trevor have a heated conversation before Franklin asks about the plan. Now Michael is at position at water. After they are destroyed more will come from the rear. (spoiler) Annoying bug in Merryweather heist mission Michael doesn't like it since Lester didn't want them to bởi the North Yankton job và they know how that turned out. Two more guards run around the very end of the ship so get them too. Using a phone ứng dụng Trevor tracks the device & picks it up before surfacing. Michael dives khổng lồ locate the device using the scanner in his dive gear, when he locates the device he tells Trevor. They pop in & out of cover quickly so you'll need to lớn line up their either position & hit them there in the one second they are still. Grab the two containers one at a time & drop them at the loading bay. Lester pulls up in a xe taxi - wearing only a hospital gown - và is very angry about their score. The Merryweather Heist Place a charge at the locations given on the ship. Offshore Make sure lớn complete the Flight School as Michael if you choose this method. You waste money every time you or one of your crew members are shot in the back. But that will be good again after you put the updates again. Good Recommendation solarosh On a side note, I recommended only doing the first Lester mission for now. Taking this approach is far more difficult.