GTA 5 is one of the most successful games in the GTA franchise. Despite being released baông xã in 2013, the game boasts a loyal fanbase & is still played to lớn this day.

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GTA 5 is so popular that many fans want khổng lồ play it on their Smartphone devices. However, the game is not aước ao the five sầu GTA titles that Rockstar Games has ported khổng lồ the Smartphone platkhung.

Fortunately, if players want to enjoy GTA 5 on their Android smartphones, they can vày so using Xbox Game Pass, PS Remote Play, and Steam Link.

This article provides readers with a guide on how to lớn play GTA 5 on their Android smartphones using Steam Link.

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Step-by-step guide on how to lớn play GTA 5 on Android smartphones using Steam Link

Players can follow the steps given below to lớn play GTA 5 on their Android smartphones:

Next, players will need khổng lồ pair their Android device with the Steam Link application.They should then cliông chồng on the ‘Start Playing’ button.After the screen converts inkhổng lồ the Big Picture Mode, it will get mirrored on the Android điện thoại thông minh.Players can then head over to lớn their Steam library và select GTA 5.Players should cliông chồng on the ‘Play’ button lớn start the game.

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To play GTA 5 on điện thoại devices, the game should run on a PC or máy vi tính through Steam. Players should have sầu a decent điện thoại thông minh and a good mạng internet connection khổng lồ be able to lớn run the game smoothly. The PC & phone should also be connected lớn the same network.

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Note: This article is for beginners. While these steps may seem obvious khổng lồ some, several new players often search for these “newbie” tips and tricks.

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