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With the next-ren versions of GTA Online coming out this week, some will be heading to Los Santos for the first time, wondering what to lớn bởi vì first.

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Despite releasing almost nine years ago, Gr& Theft Auto lớn Online is still one of the most popular multiplayer experiences on the planet. An extremely quality premise managed lớn capture the attention of millions all those years ago, & a steady stream of nội dung over the years has managed lớn keep much of that original player-base invested along with bringing in a healthy amount of new players. But despite its longevity và unprecedented popularity, there's still a handful of gamers out there who haven't given GTA Online a try yet.

Well, now is the perfect time khổng lồ dive into lớn GTA Online for the first time. Released on March 15, GTA 5, and the now standalone GTA Online, are available on next-gen consoles. For those that haven't given GTA Online a go yet, now is the igiảm giá time, especially as PlayStation Plus subscribers can redeem the online mode for miễn phí until June. While much of GTA Online's appeal is the freedom it gives players, there are a few things that players should do first lớn ensure they have sầu the best possible experience.

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Complete The Tutorial


As good of a place khổng lồ start as any, new GTA Online players will be prompted khổng lồ participate in a tutorial. Though seasoned gamers may be a little hesitant, this tutorial is pretty necessary, teaching the player about the various job systems in the game, along with teaching vital driving và shooting mechanics.

At the over of the tutorial, the player should have sầu a pretty good idea of how GTA Online works & how to make money in the game. The player should also be rewarded with their first oto and a bundle of cash khổng lồ get them started.


After completing the brief tutorial, players will have full access to lớn the entire GTA Online map, and from here, players can do whatever they'd like, in any order they'd lượt thích. That being said, there are a few things that new players should definitely bởi to lớn ensure that they have a handle on GTA Online's money mechanics.

To start off, a new player should jump right into one of the game's many activities. Street races, robberies, any activity that earns the player a little bit of cash will vị. Once finished, the player should make their way khổng lồ the nearest ATM or Maze Bank khổng lồ deposit their newly earned cash. Once cash has been deposited inkhổng lồ the player's trương mục, they won't thảm bại that money upon death in GTA Online.


When a player has saved a decent chunk of cash, they should make their first purchase. For new players, a good first purchase is a garage. These properties can be found across Los Santos, và tkết thúc khổng lồ have relatively low price tags, at least when compared to lớn GTA Online's other investments.

Once a player has their own garage, they should buy their first vehicle in GTA Online. Once the thrill of seeing their owned car in their owned garage wears off, the player should then head lớn a Los Santos Customs and start khổng lồ customize their vehicle. Along with changing the car's wheels, chassis, & paint job, the player should also buy vehicle insurance. This means that whenever the vehicle is destroyed, even by a player, the vehicle is returned in full working condition.

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With their newly tricked-out ride, players are now completely không lấy phí to explore everything Los Santos has khổng lồ offer, và there's a lot to lớn find. If the player fancies an aerial view of the city, then they'll need khổng lồ head khổng lồ the GTA Online airport, hop the fence, và steal one of the planes or helicopters found on the runway or in the hangars. For many new players, simply exploring Los Santos' sprawling map will probably take up the next few dozen hours of playtime.

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When the luster of GTA Online's open-world has started khổng lồ wear off, players might want to turn their attention khổng lồ GTA Online's story missions. Available immediately after the tutorial, these missions will start khổng lồ pop-up via the in-game phone, with more unlocking as the player reaches higher ranks.

These missions don't offer too much cash or reputation points, but they vị offer gameplay that's a little more structured than just simple free-roaming. There's about 70 missions in GTA Online so far, so there's plenty for new players khổng lồ sink their teeth inlớn if they prefer a more linear gameplay offering.

By its very nature, GTA Online doesn't really have sầu an endgame. The general idea is that the player earns some money, buys the newest shiny thing, & starts the process all over again. That being said, there are certainly two different tiers of GTA Online player: those that have a high-kết thúc apartment, và those that don't.

They can be some of the most expensive sầu properties in the game, but once a player has bought themselves a high-kết thúc apartment, they're given access to lớn some of the best nội dung in GTA Online: heists. From their penthouse, players will be able to lớn plan out a series of heists, each one offering an intense series of missions along with a huge payout.

With the money that comes with completing heists, players will then be able to expvà their scope of operations, taking part in GTA Online's business mechanics to get a constant stream of passive sầu income. This is where the GTA Online loop really reaches its full potential, as the more money the player makes, the more vehicle & weapons they can get. The more gamers expvà their business, the more they can make.

This consistent loop of expansion never stops, with more expensive sầu items, vehicles, and properties being added to lớn the game even in 2022. It might take a while for new players lớn reach the position of CEO of their own company, but even when they bởi vì, they'll still have plenty left khổng lồ bởi in GTA Online.

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Grand Theft Aulớn 5 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X và S.

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