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If you are on the search for some useful UWP Games available in the Microsoft Store for your Windows 11/10 PC, then this post lists multiple trò chơi apps in various categories. We have curated all the link to the best games và segregated them, so you won’t be scrolling through tons of data. We have already seen the menu of some of the best free Windows UWP Apps in the Microsoft Store – now let us take a look at the GAMES!

Best Games in Microsoft Store for Windows 11/10 – Category-wise

Starting from all kinds of graphics, Lego khổng lồ Minecraft brick style, to lớn 3D & 3D, you can find all kinds of Zombie Games in a post-apocalyptic world. Battle the evil zombies và conquer your territory today with the best Zombie games on Windows Store.

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2> Music gamesWho said you can’t shake the world of the high score by playing Music Games. Find your quality tune và rhythm, follow the black and white tiles, & score the highest among your friends & family. Discover amazing new beats you never heard before. Here are the best Music games available right now for you.3> Word gamesBe a Grammar Nazi or just wanting khổng lồ enhance your vocabulary, word games is the way to bởi it. Choose from all kinds of word games, Scrabble, Cross Words, Built the Word, and much more from the best Popular Word games available for your Windows generation PC.4> Action & Adventure gamesVery few things come close to lớn the satisfaction of winning is a fierce 3 chiều fun battle and managing lớn secure your land for your people again from mobsters & evil dictators or even warlords. So, to lớn build on that exact thrill of yours here are the best Action và Adventure games right now to download from the Microsoft Store for your PC.

5> Escape gamesPrison escape or even a tower escape who cares when you are overflowing the obstacles in front of you, building your very own strategy & storyline. There is a quality kind of satisfaction lớn get away untouched. So, here are the best Escape games for you khổng lồ download, form the Microsoft Store.6> Family & Kids gamesDon’t know what to lớn this family night? Cousins coming over too? Well, here are the best Family và Kids games to organize your family night that ensures everyone’s participation. Making it a time worth a million hearts and lots of fun.7> Strategy gamesOne of the main reasons why strategy games are addictive is because they fuel the brain. They make you work out multiple outcomes and the best one through all the hurdles you face in the game levels. And, amazing graphics just make all of that hard work. So, discover the best Strategy games for you lớn tease your brain today.

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8> Platformer gamesMiss the Nintendo Mario Games? Well, now you have a shot at the very best of Platformer Games with exciting new levels và high scores khổng lồ break. Discover the world with the best Platformer games on the Microsoft Store for you.9> RPG – Role-playing gamesWhat has not been said about Role Playing Games? They come with a full-on action-packed strategy and battle technique to you will find yourself in a lost world trying khổng lồ write your storyline. The point being that RP Games never grow boring because there is always a level to discover. Find the best Role-Playing games for your Windows native PC now.10> Shooter gamesLooking to enhance those archery skills & regain your deserved place as an awarded shooter? Then practicing your aim with shooter games is not a new thing to you. Here are the best Shooter games for you to download from the Microsoft Store for your Windows suit PC.11> Card & Board gamesWhat is not khổng lồ love about a rainy night, a good card game or a board game and some really good homemade coffee? Well, lớn begin with, nothing. Nothing can go wrong with a plan lượt thích that. So, if you are a hoarder of such games, find the best Card và Board games from our các mục here.12> Racing gamesIf you haven’t lost a heartbeat at almost making it khổng lồ the finish line with Need for tốc độ seasons, then vì you love đoạn clip games at all? For all the racers and car and bike enthusiasts out there find an undiscovered world of the best Racing games available for your Windows PC suites right now to tải về and play.13> Tank-Warfare gamesBring out the big boys & march through an army gate of enemies và retain your lost territory. That’s the thrill Tank-Warfare games give you. So, if you are looking for these warfare battle games then find the best ones with our best Tank-Warfare games for your Windows PC.

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14> Simulation gamesStimulation games, particularly are personalized games designed khổng lồ understand your unique storyline. So steer the story any direction you want and discover amazing game universes with the best Stimulation games available on the Microsoft Store.15> Basketball games