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My friend just couldn’t get anywhere with English class. He’s a French speaker from Canada và was studying English as a second language in school.

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It seemed lượt thích no matter how many times he reviewed his notes và did his homework, he wasn’t able to lớn improve sầu.

Eventually, he stopped spending so much time studying English & just started playing online English games instead.

Many English learners have sầu had this experience. Maybe you have, too.

The good news is that playing ESL games turned out to be the best choice my friend could’ve made for his language skills.

As he played, he’d spover hours using English lớn talk lớn his teammates và opponents in the game.

And you know what? He started learning how lớn hold English conversations with people!

After a short while, he was using English confidently and more naturally.

This is because one of the best ways for you lớn learn English is khổng lồ turn your hobbies inkhổng lồ language-learning experiences.

It makes English practice fun, exciting and valuable lớn you. It helps you to memorize vocabulary words & practice speaking và writing in English in a way that’s both fun and educational.

In this post, I’ll get you started with 22 excellent, interactive online games khổng lồ practice English.

I’ll start with some that were developed especially for language learners. Then I’ll show you how to practice English online just lượt thích my friend did, with single- and multi-player English games that native sầu speakers play.

trò chơi On! The 22 Best Online Games khổng lồ Practice English

Download: This blog post is available as a convenient & portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Cliông xã here lớn get a copy. (Download)

Word Games to Practice English

Word games can be hit or miss (either great or terrible). In other words, they’re either really fun to lớn play, or they’re extremely boring.

That’s why we’ve sầu picked out the best ESL games for you.

The games below were created specifically to lớn help English language learners improve their skills. Not only does this give sầu you focused language practice, but it also ensures you’re practicing at the right level for your skills.

The Grammar of Doom from GameZone

Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

Key question: Is there any retro game to practice English for free?

The Grammar of Doom is an adventure-style game where you explore secrets hidden within an old, magical temple.

To get an idea of the game, imagine if Indiana Jones taught your English class.

There are a total of 10 rooms in the temple, and each room has its own series of puzzles that you have to solve sầu using English.

In order lớn move sầu to the next room và eventually (finally, in the end) beat the game, you have sầu to lớn use your grammar and vocabulary skills khổng lồ create English sentences & solve these puzzles.

Level: All levels.

Key question: What’s the most comprehensive sầu và fun way khổng lồ learn English? transforms authentic, entertaining English videos inlớn fun online games to practice English.

* takes authentic videos—lượt thích music videos, movie trailers, news và inspiring talks—và turns them into lớn personalized language learning lessons.

You can try for không tính tiền for 2 weeks. Click here to check out the website or download the iOS ứng dụng or Android app.


Try for FREE!


Level: All levels.

Key question: What’s the best word game to lớn improve sầu my English vocabulary?

If you lượt thích action-packed ESL games that have you working against the clochồng, Wordshake is right for you.

This game gives you 16 random letters of the alphabet & three minutes. During that time, you have to lớn come up with (think of) as many English words as you can using the letters you have, and every time you make a new word, you get points.

The letters don’t have sầu to touch each other or be in a particular pattern lượt thích they vày in crossword puzzles, and you’re able to select letters in any order.

Since there aren’t any complicated rules with Wordshake, it’s a good vocabulary-building game for beginners and advanced students alượt thích.

Human Brain Cloud


Level: All levels.

Key question: Is there a word association game to practice English for free?

The Human Brain Cloud is a project, a game, a learning tool, a social experiment…

It’s anything you want it khổng lồ be, and it’s awesome.

Described as “a massively multiplayer word association game,” the Human Brain Cloud is as simple as it is complex (that has many connected parts).

You’re given random words, & your goal is lớn type in words, expressions or even sentences you associate with the words you get.

For example, if you’re given the word “single,” your answer can be “ladies,” “married,” “me,” “& ready to lớn mingle,” “double” or anything that comes to your mind when you see that word.

There are no right or wrong answers. The Human Brain Cloud simply takes your answers và adds them khổng lồ the association bank.

After you’ve sầu introduced your answer, you’re told how many people in the world made the same word association, and if you’re the first, you’ll get the message “new association.”

But the best part of the Human Brain Cloud comes when you click on a word.

Do that and you’ll see a “cloud” with your word in the middle connected to lớn other words people associate it with.

This is when the fun starts, because you can use this feature to learn vocabulary.

Every word you cliông xã will become the central word và be surrounded by other associated words!

If you’re not afraid of spending hours clicking on words và making word associations, the Human Brain Cloud is your game.

Or was it a learning tool?

Fun fact: The cloud started with just one word (volcano), và it’s about khổng lồ reach 800,000 quality words.

4 Pics 1 Word


(Android | iOS)

Level: All levels.

Key question: What’s the most entertaining yet simple phầm mềm khổng lồ practice English vocabulary?

What vị mountain biking, a walnut, six-paông chồng abs and a rock have sầu in common?

They’re hard!

What about fire, a volcano, soup và coffee?

They’re hot!

Easy, right?

OK, one more: what vày a plane, light, Usain Bolt and a cheetah have in common?

They’re all super fast!

These are just three examples out of the hundreds you’ll get while playing 4 Pics 1 Word.

The rules of the game are super simple: you get four pictures that have sầu something in comtháng, và you have sầu khổng lồ guess what it is.

Sometimes the answer is very obvious, but other times you’ll have sầu khổng lồ think hard & use hints khổng lồ get some help.

Whether you’re a beginner learner of English or a fluent speaker, 4 Pics 1 Word will surely activate your brain and make you think in English.

Plus you can always create your own flashcards for the words you don’t know.

Who said fun và learning can’t go together?

Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee


Level: Upper-intermediate/Advanced.

Key question: Is there a spelling game for advanced English learners?

If you thought spelling games were for kids, get ready lớn sweat with Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee.

Even though the Visual Thesaurus isn’t miễn phí, the Spelling Bee game is, and it’s full of goodies (attractive & nice things) to help you learn English.

The simplicity of the page hides a deliciously difficult spelling game not apt for the faint of heart (people without courage).

The rules are simple: listen khổng lồ a word và try to spell it correctly. No surprises here.

However, some of the words you’ll hear are so hard to lớn spell that you’ll start to lớn feel the bee is laughing at you & your misspellings.

The game comes with statistics, a không tính tiền look at the visual thesaurus for the words you spell correctly và all the definitions of the words divided by part of speech.

For intermediate learners, I recommkết thúc listening to lớn the word & reading the definitions, but advanced learners can bump it up (go one màn chơi higher) và try to lớn guess the word by just reading its definitions.

Magnetic Poetry


Level: All levels.

Key question: Is there a game to lớn practice English writing without having lớn write?

I remember getting my first Magnetic Poetry kit some 20 years ago.

It was a Christmas present. 200 word tiles in English và one promise: “Magnets That Reveal The Poet Within.”

đôi mươi years later, my original Magnetic Poetry kit has been lớn five sầu countries và moved in and out of 11 houses, and it has helped me make many memories along the way.

Magnetic Poetry has grown a lot since it was created. It can now be found in several different languages and in the form of over 100 thematic kits.

And although the way of using it has remained the same, it’s super interesting khổng lồ see these little magnetic words get known worldwide.

Magnetic Poetry offers five sầu complete kits for không tính phí online (the original kit and four thematic ones).

Use the words you’re given lớn create poems, stories, jokes or anything that comes khổng lồ your mind.

Challenge your friends lớn a race khổng lồ see who’s the first to lớn use 50 or 100 tiles & create a coherent (logical) story in English.

Or try to lớn journal your day by only using the mix of words you get.

Or write a geeky poem for your online crush.


You can actually create anything và everything with Magnetic Poetry, và since the không tính phí kits are in English, you’ll also practice your vocabulary and writing skills.

Adaptive Spelling Quiz by SpellQuiz


Level: Beginner/Intermediate.

Key question: How can I teach (or learn) English with fun games và quizzes?

Imagine being able khổng lồ vày dictations online, but:

The site is absolutely cute và well-designed.The audio is crystal clear (very clear, easy lớn understand).Each sentence gets checked & corrected immediately if you make mistakes.You can click on any word khổng lồ know more about it.The program takes your mistakes into lớn trương mục & gives you more và more difficult sentences as you advance and get better.You can kiểm tra your word and mistake statistics.You can unlock (open, discover) achievements and see where you are in the global ranking.

Well… That’s SpellQuiz. Enjoy!

Word Games by Learn English Today


Level: All levels.

Key question: How can I improve my English vocabulary with word games?

You came here looking for a word game. How about 135?

Learn English Today’s creator woke up one day và thought to lớn himself, “I’m going to lớn create the biggest collection of word games online.”

And so he did.

This story is probably not true, but what’s true is that Learn English Today offers 135 miễn phí word games to lớn help you improve sầu your English vocabulary while having fun.

Divided inlớn four levels (easy, medium, more difficult và challenging) và five sầu categories (crossword puzzles, jumbled sentences, quizzes, missing words & matching exercises – broken sentences), each one of these games will help you get better at English no matter your màn chơi.

It’d be impossible to mention all the topics included in the games, but I can tell you my three favorite ones, in case you want lớn try them:

7 Words


Level: Advanced.

Key question: What’s the most challenging word game for English students?

If I told you this simple name hides one of the most difficult but also entertaining và addictive games I’ve ever played in my life, I wouldn’t be lying.

7 Words is super easy lớn play: you get seven definitions and 18 tiles with letters, and your goal is to lớn cliông xã on the tiles khổng lồ create words that match the definitions.

Each definition is followed by a number of gray squares that correspond (match) to lớn the number of tiles you need to use to lớn form that word.

Other than that và three hints (a small piece of practical information), that’s all you have to complete the 777 puzzles included in the game.

When you guess one word, its definition gets crossed out (a line is drawn over it) and the corresponding tiles disappear.

Fun fact: I’ve completed the 777 puzzles twice. It took me about one week each time because I was constantly thinking about it và couldn’t stop playing it.

ESL Crossword Puzzles

Level: All levels.

Key question: Where can I find the best ESL crossword puzzles?

Crossword puzzles are great for people who like a challenge, and for English language learners they’re a good way lớn chạy thử your reading comprehension và vocabulary skills.

However, the crossword puzzles that you find in the Sunday newspaper are often too hard for English learners khổng lồ complete. (Many of them are even too difficult for native English speakers who aren’t good at trivia, or general knowledge questions.)

Fortunately, with ESL Crossword Puzzles you can challenge yourself with word problems that were created especially for English language learners.

The trang web is comprehensive sầu and has a variety of crossword puzzles và difficulties khổng lồ choose from, making it great for students of all skill levels. Just choose your màn chơi from the menu at the top of the homepage linked above sầu.

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What’s especially helpful is that you’re also able lớn choose from various themes, including:


Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

Key question: Is there a game lớn practice English và help those in need at the same time?

Freerice is another quiz-style game that helps you improve sầu your vocabulary skills.

Instead of answering word problems, you’re given a vocabulary word và then have sầu lớn find its closest synonym out of four different words.

The game starts out easy but, with 60 levels in total, it gets much harder as you go along.

What really makes Freerice different from other online games is that the company will donate 10 grains of rice to lớn hungry families for every question that you answer right.

So the more you play, the more you’re helping those in need.

Quiz Your English App

Level: All levels.

Key question: Which game is the best for learning English for an official exam?

If you’re a grammar lover và you enjoy learning English on your phone while on the bus, during your lunch break or on your couch, this app is perfect for you.

Quiz Your English was produced by Cambridge University Press, so you know it’s a chất lượng sản phẩm.

It allows you to play against any other user in the world, và you can also invite và compete against your friends. Who will win?

Set your protệp tin by logging in with your Facebook or Google trương mục, choose your country and you’re ready to play!

You’ll see different topics available, divided by màn chơi. Choose the level & topic you want khổng lồ play and the ứng dụng will find an opponent (a player khổng lồ play against) for you.

Some packs of questions can only be accessed if you pay for them. This option can be helpful if you want to lớn practice a specific topic, or if you want to lớn get access khổng lồ the Cambridge English Exams Paông chồng, which will help you to practice for the official exams.

When playing against someone, you’ll get questions to fill in the gaps with four possible answers. If you answer correctly, you can go khổng lồ the next question, but if you make a mistake, the game will kết thúc.

After each game, you’ll be able to see who won, your points và a menu where you can choose to lớn play again, challenge someone (invite them to play against you) or see the world’s & your country’s rankings.

Lovatts Free Online Trivia

Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

Key question: Is there a trivia game for advanced English students?

If you’re an expert in world facts, you’re going khổng lồ love Lovatts Trivia, because let me tell you, some of the questions are only for trivia pros (professionals)!

If you’re an intermediate or an advanced English learner, this game is perfect to practice your English reading skills under pressure. You’re playing against the cloông chồng, và the more time you take lớn answer a question, the fewer points you get.

But even if you don’t answer any question right, this game will help you practice your English & lớn learn tidbits (small pieces) of random information about the world & fun facts about the English language, which is awesome.

There are seven categories you can choose from: General Knowledge, Dictionary, Entertainment, History, Food & Drink, Geography and Science và Nature.

The system remembers your highest score, allowing you to lớn challenge yourself time and time again (many times).

Each quiz includes 10 questions, some of which can appear again when you retake the quizzes.

If you ever need some help, you can always ask the system lớn help you out. Clichồng on the word “Hint” in the upper-right side of the gray line, và one of the incorrect answers will be discarded.

trăng tròn Questions

Level: All levels.

Key question: Is it possible khổng lồ learn English with Alexa?

When I was a kid, I used to play trăng tròn Questions with my friends during recess (break between classes in primary school).

We didn’t have smartphones or apps bachồng in the ’80s, so we just wrote down a word on a piece of paper và let the rest of the players ask questions.

The basic rules were: One person chooses a word, and the rest of the players take turns asking “yes” or “no” questions. You can only ask 20 questions—if no one can guess the word before đôi mươi questions are up, the person who chose the word wins!

Originally, the only possible answers to lớn the questions were “yes,” “no” or “I don’t know,” but the game has evolved with time, và now there are a lot of other possible answers you can choose from, like “maybe,” “sometimes,” “probably,” etc. (More on these in a moment.)

If you access đôi mươi Questions from your computer or máy tính, choose the option Think in American (or British, if you need khổng lồ practice your British English).

Think of an animal, vegetable, mineral, concept or unknown word.

The category Unknown includes things lượt thích prime numbers, months or the words “tomorrow,” “infinity” & “reincarnation,” although most of them could be included in the Concept category.


There’s also the option of playing with Alexa.

This is a wonderful way khổng lồ practice both speaking & listening comprehension at the same time, so if you have the chance, give sầu it a try.

If you have sầu an iPhone or an Máy tính bảng iPad, you can download the game and play it when you’re not on your computer.

Once you have sầu chosen your word, the system will start asking questions that you’ll have lớn answer with “yes,” “no,” “unknown,” “irrelevant” (not important), “sometimes,” “maybe,” “probably,” “doubtful,” “usually,” “depends,” “rarely” or “partly.”

If you’re playing on your computer, each question together with your answer will appear on your screen while you play.

By the over of question number đôi mươi, the system will tell you what it believes you’re thinking about.

If it doesn’t get it right, it’ll ask you a few more questions and give you some more answers. If it’s not able lớn guess your word, you win!

You can also play themed versions of the game, which include questions from “Star Wars,” “The Simpsons,” sports, TV and more. The rules for the themed versions are the same, but they include two new word categories: PersonPlace.


Level: All levels.

Key question: Is there a game to practice English with definitions of words?

If I confess that I, an almost 38-year-old with a Ph.D. in English, play this game lượt thích crazy and can’t get enough of it, you’ll probably think that I need a life or I’m a nerd (spoiler alert: I’m a huge nerd).

Knoword has lớn be one of the most entertaining, enjoyable & fun games the whole internet has khổng lồ offer. My younger students have sầu cried on a few occasions because they didn’t finish their assignments on time and were unable to lớn play!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, an intermediate learner or an advanced vocabulary virtuoso (master, highly skilled person)—at any màn chơi, this game is for you.

The rules are very simple: You have sầu one minute lớn read as many definitions as you can & write the correct answer.

Every time you give sầu a correct answer, you get one or two extra seconds, và every four correct answers give sầu you a hint.

You can skip as many words as you want, so make sure you press Esc or cliông xã on Skip whenever you don’t know a word.

At the end of the game, you’ll be able to lớn see the number of correct answers, your accuracy và your points, aước ao other stats (information).

The best part? After every game, you’ll get some random game suggestions on different specific topics.

Choose your favorite topics và practice/learn English vocabulary lượt thích a trùm with Knoword.

If you want to lớn go one step further, log in with your Facebook or Google trương mục to lớn save sầu your progress, create your own word packs và browse all the available packs created by Knoword & other users lượt thích you!

Proof It!

Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

Key question: What’s the best game to practice English proofreading?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a proofreader?

Are you detailed-oriented, good at finding spelling, grammar & punctuation errors, & want to lớn take your English to lớn the next level?

In that case, Proof It! is the game for you.

You’re given 10 sentences with one mistake each. Your mission is to find & correct all 10 mistakes.

I recommkết thúc this game for advanced students of English who are taking the final steps toward fluency or are getting ready for an exam.

The mistakes you can find in these sentences range from grammar (for example, do instead of does) & spelling errors (break instead of brake) to lớn punctuation (a comma may be missing) và capitalization mistakes (alice instead of Alice).

Authentic English Games for Language Practice

Along with the English word games we just covered, you can also use authentic games that native sầu English speakers play.

And since many of these games have sầu multiplayer options with text and voice chat, having English conversations with your friends is easier than ever.

We’ll start off with a popular language-focused board game, then four exciting đoạn Clip games that English speakers love sầu.

“Scrabble” Online

Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

Key question: Is there a board game to improve sầu my English vocabulary I can also play online?

“Scrabble” might not be a game designed specifically for learning English, but it’s a great way lớn kiểm tra your vocabulary knowledge with friends.

Originally designed as a board game, you can now play “Scrabble” online with friends or against the computer. All you need to do is enter your age to play!

The rules lớn play “Scrabble” are simple. You choose seven letters in the form of tiles and use them khổng lồ make words. All tiles touching one another have sầu to lớn make a real English word, & you have sầu khổng lồ build words using the letters from other words that have sầu already been laid down.

Every square has a letter and number written on it that represents the points that you get for using that letter.

As you play online, you can chat with the other players. Just type messages in the chat space khổng lồ the right of the Scrabble board.

And remember, “Scrabble” can get very challenging toward the kết thúc, even for native English speakers, so don’t become frustrated if you struggle khổng lồ make a word & have lớn pass on a turn. It happens to lớn all of us!

“Call of Duty”

Level: Upper-intermediate/Advanced.

Key question: Is there any đoạn phim game with a voice chat feature that will allow me to lớn practice my English conversation skills?

The “hotline of Duty” series includes some of the most popular action games of all time.

In these games, you play the role of a soldier, where you & your team work together to defeat the other team.

The “Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty” games also come with a voice chat feature where you can chat, make jokes and come up with strategies with your teammates—or have sầu conversations with anyone before và after a game starts.

This is a great opportunity lớn practice English skills that you might not get from the classroom, like:

Becoming more accustomed (used to) lớn speakers who naturally talk quickly or slowly.

“League of Legends”

Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

Key question: Is there any không tính phí adventure đoạn phim game I can use lớn practice English?

“League of Legends” is a không tính phí adventure game where teams work together to lớn complete various quests.

The game has a built-in chat feature, where you can talk khổng lồ people using text.

But since a large portion of the game requires communicating with your teammates, a lot of people like supplementing the game with voice chat programs like Discord or TeamSpeak to lớn talk khổng lồ one another.

If your friends already have a Discord channel, simply ask them for the address khổng lồ join. Otherwise, you can create your own by downloading the program & following the easy-to-understvà instructions & then link them to lớn your chatroom.


Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

Key question: What’s the best “video clip game + chatroom” option lớn practice English?

“VRChat” isn’t lượt thích any other game that you’ve sầu ever played before.

In fact, it’s more like a chatroom with a video clip game world built into lớn it—you even help create the world!

Simply choose your character và chat with thousands of people from across the world using text or voice chat.

You’ll get khổng lồ explore more than 25,000 virtual worlds and talk with new people while doing so.

“The Witcher”

Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

Key question: Is there any đoạn phim game that’ll allow me to immerse myself in English completely?

Do you enjoy having supernatural powers and visiting beautiful lands while fighting enemies và improving your English?

Say no more!

Become Geralt of Rivia và press “play”!

This game is massive (very big) and has won the hearts of millions during the last couple of years.

It’s available in 14 languages, and seven of them (English included!) have had the full audio translated, which means you have subtitles, full dialogues và even songs translated!

There are several ways you can use “The Witcher” to learn English, apart from chatting with other players.

For starters, you can choose lớn play the game in your native sầu language (if it’s available) and switch on the English subtitles.

You can also go for a total immersion experience và phối the audio khổng lồ English as well, so all you’ll hear is English throughout the whole game.

If the game isn’t enough for you, you can have a look at the superb (great, fantastic) series Netflix has created. It’s also called “The Witcher,” & it’s worth a watch even if it’s just because you want to lớn admire the beauty of the scenery.

In case you’re not satisfied yet, you can also find some advanced English classes around the topic of “The Witcher” và even videos of the “real” Witcher (Henry Cavill) reading parts of one of the books.

Have Fun & Practice Your English

There are a number of online games khổng lồ practice English with, no matter what your hobbies và interests are.

Next time you want to sit down và play a game, try turning it into lớn an English-speaking activity. That way, you’ll be practicing English without it even feeling like work.

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Stay curious, my friends, và as always, happy learning (& gaming)!

Francisco J. Vare loves teaching and writing about grammar. He’s a proud language nerd, & you’ll normally find hyên learning languages, teaching students or reading. He’s been writing for for many years và is one of their staff writers.