The Top 5 Sports In The Uk


RankSport1Football2Cricket3Tennis4Rugby union5Badminton6Field hockey7Netball8Rugby league9Athletics10Boxing11Golf12Cycling13Motorsports14Horse Racing15Ice hockey16Basketball

So there you have them, the most popular sports in England! Keep reading below for more information about each thể thao in England.

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What is the National thể thao of England?

The national sport of England is cricket. While this is not official, cricket is considered England’s national sport. There are disputes about the origins of the sport, but many think that it comes from England. It is nowadays still very popular, and the national team is extremely good at it.

Learn More About England Popular Sports

England is one of the countries that 3d the United Kingdom. It is located in the North Atlantic, it is separated from continental Europe by the North Sea and the English Channel, & it is bordered by Wales & Scotland. It also counts hundreds of small islands, & it covers five-eighths of the island of Great Britain. Its capital city is London, which counts more than 8,961,000 inhabitants (but more than 14,257,000 if you include the metropolitan area!).

An interesting part of the country that I wanted khổng lồ tackle is its most popular sports. In light of that, I have listed all England’s popular sports, & I hope you will love them:



The most popular thể thao in England is, by far & away, football. Football in England dates back lớn 1863 when it was first codified in London. The goal of the game was lớn unify English schools và universities. The thể thao is said lớn have existed since at least 1581 when there were team football games in English schools.

Nowadays, English people are crazy about football. The national league, the Premier League, is reputed khổng lồ be the best one in the world, featuring incredible teams lượt thích Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United.

Famous English Football players: David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, Michael Owen, Bobby Charlton, Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes, Peter Crouch, Gary Neville, Jamie Vardy, James Milner, Joe Cole, Jamie Carragher, Harry Kane



The second most popular thể thao in England is cricket. Cricket, considered the English national sport, is widely followed. The English national cricket team is one of the 12 members of the International Cricket Council, which means it participates in demo cricket, One Day Internationals, Twenty20 International matches, và the Cricket World Cup.

There are 18 teams in the national cricket system. They originate from all historic counties of England & Wales, and they play matches over the summer season.

Famous English Cricket players: Alastair Cook, Ian Botham, Kevin Pietersen, David Gower, Graham Gooch, James Anderson, Andrew Flintoff, Bob Willis, Jos Buttler, Andrew Strauss



The third most played sport in England is tennis. Even though there are not many English tennis superstars, the sport is very popular, and it is in fact the largest individual sport in the country, both in terms of registered players & viewing audiences.

The major tennis sự kiện in England is Wimbledon, one of the most famous ones in the world. It has been held in London since its creation in 1877, & it is played on grass. Historically, the most successful tennis player at Wimbledon is Swiss legend Roger Federer, who won 8 titles there.

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Number of Tennis licensed players in England: 754,900

Famous English Tennis players: Cameron Norrie, Dan Evans, Liam Broady, Kyle Edmund, Fred Perry, Heather Watson, Tim Henman, Cameron Norrie, Laura Robson, Virginia Wade, Sue Barker

Rugby Union


The fourth most popular thể thao in England is rugby union. Rugby union, rugby league & football all originate from traditional British football games from the 19th century. Rugby was officially codified in 1871.

England has one of the best rugby union teams on the planet. It won the 2003 World Cup, & it participates in the annual Six Nations Championship, the main European international rugby union competition.

The local rugby union competition is the Gallagher Premiership. It features 12 teams, and it was founded in 1987.

Number of Rugby union licensed players in England: 138,579

Famous English Rugby union players: Jonny Wilkinson, Owen Farrell, Neil Back, Jason Robinson, Clive Woodward, Bill Beaumont, Peter Winterbottom, David Duckham, Reg Birkett



The fifth most popular thể thao in England is badminton. The main reason for badminton to lớn be so popular in England is the fact that it is very accessible to beginners. However, it has a lot of depth, & can be extremely competitive và physically demanding.

England has won medals in badminton at the 2000 Olympic Games, và at the 2004 edition. There is a national tournament, the All-England Championships, that takes place every year in Birmingham & attracts many of the vị trí cao nhất players from around the world.

Famous English Badminton players: Chris Adcock, Lauren Smith, Gabrielle Adcock, Nathan Robertson, Gail Emms, Marcus Ellis, Rajiv Ouseph, Chris Langridge, George Alan Thomas

Field hockey


The sixth most popular thể thao in England is field hockey. Field hockey is mostly a recreational sport in England, but there are still 117,000 registered players in the country.

When it comes lớn the international stage, the women’s hockey team won the năm 2016 Rio Olympic Games, & they were followed by more than 10 million viewers. As for men, they won the hockey tournament at the 1988 Olympics.

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The popularity of the sport has been on the rise in the past couple years, most notably thanks to lớn the success of the women’s team.

Number of Field hockey licensed players in England: 117,000

Famous English Field hockey players: Alex Danson, Crista Cullen, Ashleigh Ball, Hannah Macleod, Laura Bartlett, Emily Maguire