Far cry 4: dual core processor


Everyone knows that the intense, advanced modern games of today require huge amounts of processing power in order lớn offer the incredible, immersive sầu and cinematic gameplay experiences that they offer.

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If you didn"t realise when I said "cinematic", that was satire. This is a guide I"m making to lớn show that FarCry 4 can be run on a dual core system with more than sufficient performance that offers a good gameplay experience.


The first step in this process is to get the game working. In order khổng lồ bởi this you"ll need khổng lồ inject a .dll into the FC4 executable when it starts. I"ll liên kết all files at the bottom of this post.


Now, with the files you have sầu downloaded và unzipped,you should see this:



Run the "Extreme Injector V3" executable. If it isn"t already, you"ll need to organise the .dll files in this order specifically, which you can vì by adding & removing them:


Then, just run FarCry 4 và hit "Inject" the moment you start it. You need to lớn do it while the splash screen is still up, otherwise it might not work.



Once it works, the game should be running! Woo!



Now, for the performance numbers I get on my PC, which I would consider a mid-to-low spec system.

As a forenote, I did consider using Fraps, but decided against it và just kept an eye on my numbers as I played as lớn give general, but more realistic numbers.

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My specs:CPU: Penitum G3258
4.4ghzGPU: Asus GTX 760 DCUII OC
Stochồng (Not a good OC"er)I"m also using a 1080p monitor (Asus VE248H)


For the different scenarios, I just looked at a wall for "looking at a wall", then I ran in circles and jumped around a small outpost for "Running around", and for "In a firefight" I ran inkhổng lồ an enemy outpost and went full retard with an assault rifle. I also didn"t thử nghiệm the high và very-high settings as I didn"t think it was really worth it. I don"t think there"s enough of a difference between med, high & very-high lớn worry about it.


Low: (trò chơi looks lượt thích absolute ass, no AA, near no shadows.)-Looking at a wall: About 61-62-Running around: Mostly high 40"s (Pretty much the same as med settings.)-In a firefight: Mid 40"s.


Med: (looks alright now, still no AA)-Looking at a wall: High 50"s-Running around: Around 50, down khổng lồ mid 40"s.-In a firefight: High 30"s lớn low 40"s.


Ultra: (Looks darker and more bl&, plus the HBAO+ contrast is too damn high.)-Looking at a wall: Low to mid 50"s-Running around: Average around the 40"s, dips down to lớn mid 30"s.-In a firefight: 30"s with the occasional dip inlớn 20"s.


So, it seems that as you increase in chất lượng, the max fps lowers by a few fps, but the amount that the fps dips during more intense scenes increases substantially.

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Injector and .dll files:- https://mega.teo.nz/#!s0IS1QgT!WpNxdc6dSANIs6HFfsFKWzm887weHxVRcq7Sliu2cek- http://www.multiuptệp tin.com/f/3fc26958 (I tested Zippygiới thiệu, can"t guarantee the others.)Thanks lớn
SkilledRebuilds from whom I borrowed the multifile links from.

Turns out that Skidrow actually made this craông xã, so kudos khổng lồ him for that. More of his cracks & other such things over at his site, which is about his (Skidrows) game cracks, which you might even Call SkidrowGames. Which could be a network (.net) site. #TechnicallynotbreakingtheCOC

CPU- 4690k
4.5ghz / 1.3v Mobo- Asus Maximus VI Gene RAM- 12GB GSkill Assorted 1600mhz GPU- ASUS GTX 760 DCUII-OC 

Storage- 1TB 7200rpm WD Blue + Kingston SSDNow 240GB PSU- Silverstone Strider ST75F-P