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If you are a fan of One Piece anime, you are going lớn love sầu One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. This is an action đoạn phim game published by Bandai Namteo Entertainment. The game was originally designed for PlayStation but is also available for Windows.

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This is the third instalment in the Pirate Warriors series & a sequel to lớn the previous game. The sequel khổng lồ this game, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 was recently launched in 20trăng tròn.

The game is quite similar lớn the previous two installments. However, the makers have sầu included some extra features which we will be discussing shortly in the post. If you want to know more about this game, you should give sầu this article a read.

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What is One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 all about?

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is an action video clip game based on the One Piece anime series. It is developed by Omega Force while the publication is done by Bandẻo Namco Entertainment. The game was first released in nhật bản in 2015. Later, it was launched in Western countries.

Being the third entry in the Pirate Warrior series, the game is available on PS3, PS4, PlayStation Vita, và even Windows. The makers even launched an enhanced port for Nintenbởi vì Switch users in 2017.

The game shares a lot of similarities with the other two installments. It comprises 37 playable characters. Out of all the characters, 27 of them are from previous games. In the third entry, they have sầu included 10 new ones.

The story takes place from the East Blue Saga until the Dressroca Arc. However, it comes with an original ending. In 2017, a Deluxe cộ Edition of the game was released for Nintendo Switch.

The game comprises multiple locations và story arcs as well. However, it does laông chồng in new features. Most of the features are derived from the previous games. Despite that, the game received a lot of appreciation from fans. It was announced in the Shonen Jump magazine before release.


In this section, we will discuss the gameplay. Those who are yet to play the game can get a good idea from this section.

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As far as the gameplay is concerned, it is quite similar to the previous installments. However, the makers have introduced a new feature called the Kizumãng cầu Rush. This allows you khổng lồ summon another character alongside the player to perform a combination attachồng. This a very useful feature as you can summon up to lớn four players at once. This makes your attacks more powerful.

During the battle, one of the NPC characters may become a Hero, which helps the Kizuna Gauge fill up more easily. There are 37 playable characters in the game, out of which 10 are new. Every character comes with their Hero Powers that causes heavy damage khổng lồ enemies. But you should be aware of tough enemies as they can unleash their Hero Power nguồn as well. This can lead lớn a stunning Gauge.

Some of the characters lượt thích Usopp, Luffy, and Sanji are equipped with a special state called an Overdrive. This allows them to lớn utilise their power-up states lượt thích Diable Jambe, Gear Second, or Sogeking when Kizuna Rush is activated. But you need specific coins khổng lồ unloông chồng these states.

The main story mode is called the “Legover Log” & it comes with special cut scenes called “Treasure Events.” These can be activated under certain conditions. Besides this, you also have another mode called the “Dream Log” mode. In this mode, items & characters are showed & unlocked as you progress through the semi-randomized battles. Once you complete the Final Island in this mode, you can unlochồng the “Nightmare Log” mode which is harder.

The game has a feature called “Legkết thúc Diary” that functions as an overall progress indicator. By defeating bosses with Special Kizuna Attacks, achieving S-Ranks, & fulfilling other objectives will help you fill the grid và earn coins that you can use to lớn nâng cấp each character’s stats. Coins are also needed to unlock second special attacks or overdrives of characters.

Another interesting feature is called the “Skill Posters” that allows you to unlock different equipable skills by meeting certain conditions. All playable characters in the game come with a 50 Level Limit. To màn chơi up a character lớn 100 you need to lớn obtain a set of Rare Coins. This will help you khổng lồ break their Level Limit.

Features of One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is an anime based game that comes with tons of features. However, many of the features are already there in the previous two installments. Those who haven’t played the game yet, you should get an idea about the features offered. Here you go with the details.


Compatible with multiple platforms

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is designed for PlayStation. But it can also be played on Windows và Nintendo Switch. It is a multi-platkhung game that can be played both on console và PC.

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One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is an igiảm giá khuyến mãi game for people who have sầu watched the anime. You can find all your favourite One Piece characters in the game. The game is available for Windows and PlayStation. If you are yet khổng lồ play it, you should vì chưng it now.

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