Download my talking tom 2 for android free


Play mini-games and take care of a friendly mèo in this free-to-play điện thoại game.

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My Talking Angela 2 is now available on thiết bị di động devices. The game is the sequel khổng lồ the original My Talking Angela,và it allows players to hang out with Angela, a friendly cat from the Talking Tom & Friends franchise.

In My Talking Angela 2, players can take care of Angela’s needs by feeding her snacks, brushing her teeth và fur, making sure she goes khổng lồ the bathroom, & more. They can also dress Angela up in a wide variety of clothing & accessory items (including wigs), as well as bởi vì her makeup. Players start with only a few of these items lớn choose from, but they can unlochồng more over time.

In addition khổng lồ this “virtual pet” gameplay, players can play mini-games with Angela, such as a rhythm mini-game that asks players to swipe on the screen in response to prompts that appear as Angela dances. A cooking mini-game allows players lớn bake treats with Angela, a music mini-game allows Angela to play different instruments, & so on.

The game also features standard “arcade” mini-games, such as “Sliding Pets,” which asks players lớn move blocks around the screen lớn form complete horizontal lines that are removed from the board (it’s similar to Tetris).

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As players complete activities, they’ll earn multiple kinds of in-game currency. For instance, Diamonds, a premium currency, can be used to redecorate Angela’s house with different wallpapers, rugs, & so on. Flight Tokens, meanwhile, allow Angela khổng lồ fly to lớn different in-game locations, lượt thích Thủ đô New York City & Paris, where she’ll piông chồng up new clothing items.

Finally, players can give the game access khổng lồ their device’s microphone, and then “talk” to Angela khổng lồ hear the game play baông chồng their message with a high-pitched effect.

My Talking Angela 2 is now available khổng lồ tải về for miễn phí on iOS và Android devices. While the game is kid-friendly, it’s heavily supported by in-game advertisements. For instance, a banner ad may appear at the top of the screen while playing, và players can watch video ads khổng lồ receive sầu in-game rewards. If you want to prevent your children from viewing advertisements, make sure they play the game on a device that isn’t connected lớn the mạng internet (for instance, you can turn on Airplane Mode on the device they’re using).

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Similarly, while the game is free-to-play, it contains ways to lớn spkết thúc real money. Make sure lớn manage your device’s purchase settings to lớn prevent littles from making purchases while playing.