If you are an FPS bạn, there’s no way you haven’t heard about Far Cry 3. It is one of the most popular first-person shooter games out there. This cross-platkhung đoạn Clip game was launched baông chồng in 2012, but the craze is still high. It is the third installment from the Far Cry series.

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It is developed by Ubisoft Montreal. This game is all about combat và exploration. It is set on the Rook Islands, a fictional place that can be explored by the players.

The game comes with a variety of weapons, maps, vehicles, & other things. Players must use all of this khổng lồ survive & beat challenges. Like in role-playing games, it offers experience và skill trees. This game was such a big hit that it sold about 1 million copies in the first few days. It also received a lot of critical acclaim upon release. Today, we are here khổng lồ learn some of the important details about the game.

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What is Far Cry 3 about?

Far Cry 3 is a first-person shooter video clip game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. This is an igiảm giá khuyến mãi option for someone who loves FPS games. It is set in an open-world setting on the fictional Rook islands. The game was launched in 2012 for all the major platforms including Windows, Xbox 360, & PlayStation 3.

Far Cry 3 takes place after Far Cry 2. However, it is not a direct sequel lớn Far Cry, the original one.

The protagonist of the game is played by a young American named Jason Brody who is on a mission lớn save sầu his imprisoned friends while escaping the islands. There are two game modes including single-player & multiplayer. It is up lớn you which mode you want khổng lồ play.

Overall Far Cry 3 is a great FPS game. It is available for all the platforms except Mac OS. If you are a hardcore người chơi, you must give sầu this game a try.


Far Cry 3 has got solid gameplay which is the reason behind its success. The game takes place in the Rook Islands, a fictional place controlled by pirates and bandits. Jason Brody, the protagonist can complete missions và objectives khổng lồ make progress in the game.

There are different types of weapons such as firearms, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and others. Players are required to lớn use the right weapon for the right situation khổng lồ face challenges. Alternatively, you can use stealth to lớn escape the attention of enemies.

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The more experience you gain, the more skills you will get. This can be done by completing missions, objectives, and killing enemies. There are three skill trees which are themed as the shark, spider, & the Heron. Each of the skill trees upgrades Jason’s abilities.

The islvà of Rooks is an open-world that can be freely explored by players. The game provides you a variety of vehicles that you can use for traveling & exploring the island. Later you will also find a wingsuit for Jason to lớn wear. Throughout the game, you will get different opportunities khổng lồ buy materials và weapons. Along with that, you will also get to lớn complete side missions.

The isl& is inhabited by many dangerous species like sharks, jaguars. With the AI system of the game, you can interact with the wildlife khổng lồ enjoy a more realistic feeling. By hunting different animals, you can create different weapons and other items from their corpses.

The game comes with a four-player cooperative sầu multiplayer mode which takes place six months before the events of the main game. There are five sầu different classes in the mode including rusher, warrior, bodyguard, saboteur, or deadeye. You can customize each of the class’s weapons và load-outs.

The game also has competitive multiplayer modes including domination & team deathmatch. It comes with a bản đồ editor that allows you to create & nói qua custom nội dung. In other words, you can create your map by customizing landscapes.

Overall Far Cry 3 is a great game khổng lồ play. It has tons of features and other exciting things that make the game st& out from other FPS games. If you haven’t played Far Cry 3, you haven’t experienced the best FPS game yet.

Features of Far Cry 3

As mentioned before, the game comes with tons of features. Each of these features makes the game a little more interesting for the players. To give you an overall idea, we have listed all the main features of the game below.


Great weapon collection

Far Cry 3 is a first-person shooter game, so it is expected to lớn have a good collection of weapons. From rifles to grenades to lớn machine guns, you can have it all. All you have sầu khổng lồ bởi is use the right weapon at the right time.

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Far Cry 3 is one amazing FPS game. It has all the features và more that you would expect in a first-person shooter game. It is the perfect combination of great graphics, gameplay, and features.

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NameInitial Release DateEngineAwardsGenresPlatforms
Far Cry 3
29 November 2012
Dunia 2
BAFTA Games Award for kích hoạt Game
Shooter game, First-person shooter, Adventure game, Action game, Action-adventure game, Adventure