Doraemon Story Of Seasons Review


Doraemon: Story of Seasons is an absolute beauty, và exploring Natura và its surrounding areas is just as enjoyable as other elements in the game. It feels lượt thích there is a distinct personality to the game, and that’s expressed through Doraemon: Story of Seasons’ painterly look, which is pulled off perfectly. When you set in the addition of the day and night cycle và titular seasons, the game goes from pretty plain-looking to lớn legitimately being one of the charming-looking games we’ve seen on the Switch. While it might not be technically impressive sầu, the game’s art style is beautiful và brings that chất lượng Doraemon personality to the game in the process.

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There are a wealth of things to vày in Natura, và much lượt thích other games in the genre such as Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, you’re able to interact with other villagers, give sầu them gifts & slowly foster relationships with the people around you. This is serviced through gathering items in other areas, giving them gifts, or running errands for them. Combined with managing your farm & planting seeds khổng lồ grow, it’s likely that the game will never really leave sầu you wanting if you’re dedicated to farming và growing crops. You also manage the animal herds, & can easily get lost in the endless farming and tasks at h&.

This will lead to you exploring out in the world, where you’re able khổng lồ use items to mine for ore to lớn make money to tăng cấp your gear for more efficient farming. As you desckết thúc into lớn the real nitty-gritty of Doraemon: Story of Seasons, there really is limitless potential for those folks who want to lớn collect every bug, get rich through mining ores, craft decorations, or just want to make an exceedingly pretty farm. Personally, we spent hours making thousands of loaves of bread in order to make money, since it is pretty tight in-game. It was fairly simple, it was fairly repetitive, but it was relaxing and rewarding at the same time. Granted, if you’re grinding for something particular that requires a certain time of day in a certain place it can get tiring, but for the most part, the sheer amount of activities you can perkhung in Doraemon: Story of Seasons carries it through.


There is a minor gripe that we have with the game, which is that marriages are not present for obvious thematic reasons, given that you play as a child. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a meaningful arc lớn Doraemon: Story of Seasons. There are story beats khổng lồ pay attention lớn, và they’re just awash with the cheese & pomp that you’d come lớn expect from a Doraemon game, which is incredibly welcome. The family-friendly themes, alongside the wonderful cast of characters, mean that you’re always left grinning. There"s a lot to lớn be said for a game that puts a smile on your face.

Doraemon: Story of Seasons is incredibly slow-paced, meaning that its igiảm giá for those wanting khổng lồ chip away at these tasks on the go; the saving system is streamlined in comparison khổng lồ older Story of Seasons games, which makes it ikhuyến mãi to lớn take with you on the road. However, the slow pace of the game meant that it took over an hour for us lớn get over the introductory hump and finally get out into the world. You will absolutely need some time to set aside from the get-go to lớn just to phối everything up.

Story of Seasons veterans might not have much to find here outside of a new liông xã of paint & availability on the Switch, so it makes the game harder to recommend to lớn older players who may be used to lớn the previous games. Nevertheless, Doraemon: Story of Seasons does streamline some aspects và that makes the game a slightly more palatable ride for those who might not be used khổng lồ this type of adventure.


Doraemon: Story of Seasons is an enchanting, relaxing romp through a world that is so much simpler than ours. With gorgeous visuals and a never-ending danh sách of things to lớn do, it’s unlikely that you’ll get bored while playing it. While its slow-pace might turn off some, it’s incredibly welcome to play a game where the fate of the world isn’t at stake, & you can instead just sit down & decide what plants you might want to lớn grow for the upcoming year.

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A never-ending các mục of things khổng lồ doGorgeous art-styleA relaxing, friendly atmosphereMight be too slow-paced for some playersYou may be overwhelmed with the grindingMarriages are missing

Good 7/10

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Sun 27th Oct 2019

It does look pretty fun while I’m waiting for Rune Factory goodness but I would miss the marriage aspect. Nothing beats repeatedly giving your waifu/husbanbởi turnips until they love you.

Sun 27th Oct 2019

Something to hold me over until Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town comes out. I really hope they stealth drop that within the next week or two.


Sun 27th Oct 2019

I don"t know. I lượt thích Rune Factory more because of the combat. I"ve never played Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons or Animal Crossing because I think they"re all similar & have sầu no combat.

Sun 27th Oct 2019

Since the reviewer seems confused by the name situation still...Both Harvest Moon (lớn 2013) and Story of Seasons (năm ngoái on) are the same series, called Bokujou Monogatari in Japan.

The game titled "Story of Seasons" in the west was just another entry in the series, subtitled "Connecting New Worlds" in Japan.It"s just lượt thích how the game titled "Fire Emblem" in the west was just another entry in the series, subtitled "Blazing Blade" in nhật bản.

Sun 27th Oct 2019

A Marriage in this game isn"t a must. These are children. Everyone wants khổng lồ get married these days... in games

bluesun I think the confusion stems from the fact that they continued making games under the Harvest Moon name, that aren"t related or in the same series. For Japanese players, sure, it"s easy lớn tell the difference but for someone who hasn"t followed the series in 10 years, you can see why they would be confused.

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bluesun The thing is that the current Harvest Moon Games are not connected lớn the OG Harvest Moon games và the current Story of Seasons games; not only in the fact does it not have sầu any of the OG devs on it, but while Story of Seasons continues khổng lồ improve the core of what the OG Harvest Moon games did; the current Harvest Moon games are dirty cash grabs.

Sun 27th Oct 2019

"Marriage are missing"

Oh, well... I understand.