Goku Black"s backstory in rồng Ball Super is extremely convoluted, involving time travel, multiple universes, body-switching & Super dragon Balls.

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Dragon Ball Super has spent much of its time expanding both the cosmos and the mythology of the Dragon Ball universe. As if 11 other universes each possessing their own Gods of Destruction, Angels & Supreme Kai weren"t enough, the series decided lớn bring time travel back into the set for its most complex villain origin story yet. Goku Black"s appearance in Future Trunks"s timeline is complicated, to say the least. The body-swapping, time-traveling, multiverse-hopping villain has likely made more than a few viewers pause khổng lồ grab a pencil và paper.

Dubbed "Goku Black" by Future Bulma because he looks like Goku, wears black and is evil, the true identity of this villain is eventually revealed lớn be Zamasu, the apprentice khổng lồ the Supreme Kai of Universe 10. But where did he come from & why does he look like Goku? In order to comprehend the series of events that led khổng lồ Future Trunks"s timeline being destroyed again, it"s important khổng lồ understand Zamasu himself.

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A Supreme Kai"s responsibility to their assigned universe is to kickstart life, then simply observe its progress. Zamasu hails from Universe 10, where he studied to lớn become the new Supreme Kai. However, Zamasu grows to lớn despise the mortals he is tasked with watching over, seeing them as violent, selfish, ugly stains on the beauty of life. This hatred even warps into a hatred for the other gods, who allow the mortals to lớn run rampant because they refuse to lớn interfere. He eventually develops a plan, "Project Zero Mortals," in which he will eradicate all mortals và gods from the entire multiverse.

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Despite having an admittedly compelling origin story for a villain, Zamasu"s journey from a disgruntled Kai into an evil clone of Goku required a tremendous amount of hoop-jumping. In the main timeline, thanks to lớn knowledge gained from Future Trunks"s arrival, Beerus travels to lớn Universe 10 & destroys Zamasu, thus sparing the series" main timeline from his plans. However, in an alternate future where Beerus does not Destroy Zamasu, the evil Kai apprentice kills his master và steals his Time Ring before traveling khổng lồ Universe Six, home of the Super rồng Balls.

In this new, alternate future, Zamasu uses the all-powerful Super Shenron lớn wish khổng lồ swap bodies with that timeline"s Goku. As a Supreme Kai, he is severely limited in terms of combat strength, explaining why he wanted Goku"s Saiyan abilities, so that he may carry out his plan himself. Once Zamasu obtains Goku"s body toàn thân and power, he promptly slaughters Gohan, Goten & Chi-Chi before using the stolen Time Ring to travel to Future Trunks"s timeline. There, he joins the Zamasu of that time to lớn enact Project Zero Mortals. It is here that he becomes known as Goku Black, as Future Trunks and Bulma are unaware of his real identity.


All that said, it doesn"t quite explain why Goku black turns pink. Zamasu"s wish transferred his being into Goku"s body, meaning he is now technically a Kai and a Saiyan, with access to all of Goku"s Saiyan power. When mortals like Goku and Vegeta use god power to lớn become Super Saiyan, their hair turns blue. However, Zamasu is a god, so when he uses god power to lớn become a Super Saiyan, his hair turns pink, or Rosé, as he calls it. Put simply, Super Saiyan Blue & Super Saiyan Rosé are the same forms, the difference in màu sắc just reflects whether the user is mortal or a god.

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Dragon Ball has always been a tín đồ of evil Gokus, like the non-canon Turles or when Captain Ginyu also stole Goku"s body. Super showed impressive determination khổng lồ making another evil Goku, folding in the expanded series mythology as well as the return of Future Trunks for good measure. Unfortunately, most of Goku Black"s time in the series was spent explaining how he came to lớn be in the first place. Zamasu"s plan probably would have worked if he didn"t have to spend so much time explaining it khổng lồ everyone.